E3: Peter Moore: HD-DVD's Death Exaggerated

In an interview with Gamasutra this morning, Xbox head Peter Moore responded to Peter Dille of Sony's comments to Gamasutra regarding the Xbox 360's sustainability, and Dille's statement that HD-DVD would be dead within months.

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cdzie13969d ago

Earlier this week sales figures from the European HD DVD Promotion Group announced that Toshiba has taken a leading share of the European market for standalone high definition players, according to independent pan-European research by GfK.

Following what they describe as a strong period of sales and momentum for the format, HD DVD’s share of the market averaged 74% from January to May 2007.

Taking a swipe at the Blu-ray stats that are bolstered by the number of PS3's sold, Steve Nickerson, senior vice president, high hefinition media at Warner Bros sates:

"These figures are especially important because the standalone player market is by far the biggest driver of movie sales in the long-term."

"This is simply because those who buy a standalone player are interested solely in buying and watching movies and other video content, whereas those with HD drives built into games consoles are primarily interested in games."

ITR3969d ago

Steve is right. We have more sales on HD then BD stand alone's.

The HD price point works for most people. The BD price point doesn't.

I recently tried to sell a BDPS1(it's a discontinued BD model don't like Best Buy BS you)
Retails for $799 at most stores. We sell it for $699. After the demo the guy told me it's all fine and dandy but it's too slow compared to the A20(we have both units on the same Sony display and Toshiba display). I offered him $650 for the unit, but he ended up getting the A20 for $399.

BDPS1 cost for us(company) $441
A20 cost for us(company) $119

SWORDF1SH3969d ago

i fed up of this slaggin match between them. lets put them in a ring and let them fight to the death using a weopen designed by there companies. so moore will probably have some sort of plasma rifle that will break and over heat while dille will have a stylish gun with no software... i mean bullets to fire the f**ker. they will then have to resort into mashing each other to a pulp using bare fists. let the fight begin.

nasim3969d ago

in japan it is 9:1
and in europe 8:1

look here for proof

cdzie13969d ago

This is not proof of anything, it is only the numbers for

pwnsause3969d ago

but it gives you an idea of whats going on with the other stores around the world selling these products

tehcellownu3969d ago

didnt microsoft said their not goin to support it...and thats its there cuz of blue dumb

Bloodmask3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Sony should have just released BD DVD players to battle out with Toshiba. Then the consumers could have spoken with their wallets.

All Sony has done is hurt themselves bc they don't even know who has bought PS3 for games or movies or both. Most people don't even watch movies on consoles.....less than 13%

It is like counting every PS2, XBOX, and 360 as a DVD player. It really does skew the numbers of the install base.

SWORDF1SH3969d ago

13% sounds way to low. everybody that own a ps2 watched dvds on it.

ozps33969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

To Bloodmask

Did you by any chance forget to put that brain of yours inside the head today?

May be Sony should be using Floppy disks or cartridges for PS3.... what do you think ?

Because people of course don't use game consoles for watching movies on DVD either ?

deadpreacher3969d ago

"13% sounds way to low. everybody that own a ps2 watched dvds on it."

You do know you have to count everyone outside of your little small world. You can't just count yourself and the other people in the same room with you right!?

SWORDF1SH3968d ago

my small little world? its a fact that the launch of the ps2 boosted dvd sales signifently. i jus think the stat that only 13 % of people watch movies on there console is real low. dont make a big deal out of it. now **** off and stick your head up your own *** :)

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