Resumeplay: Alien Dominion: The Acronian Encounter - PC Review

Resumeplay writes: "Developed by Black Fire Games, Alien Dominion: the Acronian Encounter is a high-flying shooter set in space where you have been signed on as the gunner on a spaceship. Before I get into that, I thought I’d mention the activation of the game because it was different than most that I’ve played. Once you buy the game, you copy your serial number and start the game. The serial number is saved on your clipboard and the full version of the game is then activated. To make sure you’ve done it correctly, the timer at the top should no longer be counting down. It was easy and painless, unless you have difficulty copying and pasting. I saw that a few people on the developer’s site felt that the game should be included on Steam. But, I think they’re doing pretty well with what they’re doing now. However, Steam would be a definitely good way to keep track of the game, your information and maybe have some achievements to share with your friends."

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VenerableBmoney2935d ago

Sounds like a whole game like that "defend the hull" mini-game in Dead Space. Which was cool for awhile, but I can't see a whole game out of it.

rogue06742935d ago

Yeah, it was fun just to jump into a mission and go crazy shooting up enemies but after 30 or so minutes, I was pretty much done.