Dragonball: Raging Blast 2 Scans

New scan confirms a sequel for last year's Dragonball: Raging Blast title.

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Blaze9292847d ago

Not really sure I'll be picking this one up. I mean really, same year as Ultimate Ninja Storm 2? Besides that fact, looks like the same tired story sagas all over again.

And whats with the graphics o_O?

Demons Souls2847d ago

I'm sure people will have no problem picking this up over Ultimate Ninja Storm.

presto7172844d ago

Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is going to kick all sorts of ass. Plus the recent DBZ games have been junk. Admit it.

Burst Limit = lol
Raging Blast = lol

Anyway I hear new devs are taking over so there is hope that things will improve.

Budokai 1 had best story
Budokai Tenkaichi 2 had best music
Budokai Tenkaichi 3 had best gameplay
Budokai 3 was good.

All the new DBZ games are shovelware.

ShinMaster2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

I'm sure people, including myself, will have no problem picking up BOTH games.
Though honestly those last DBZ games have been total crap!

It has nothing to do with which series is better. We're talking about the games.

DBZ is classic, but Naruto can be pretty good. No need to hate.
As for me, I'm picking up Ninja Storm 2, but not this DBZ game, unless they prove the game to pretty good.

Totally agree with you.

ThanatosDMC2844d ago

It's basically Tenkaichi with updated graphics and even more limited character selection. I hate how much they're milking DBZ... but then again im one of the suckers that buy their games.

They really need to make the map even bigger and fully destructible and the fights last longer. DBZ fights from the anime last a hell of a lot longer and beams/energy blasts dont hurt as much but in Burst Limit/Tenkaichi blocking doesnt get the results i want.

presto7172844d ago

An HD remake of Tenkaichi 3 would have been better.

belal2847d ago

that raging blast will be awefull. ninja storm 2 is going to take the anime crown from ultimate ninja storm 1. i am not sure graphics wise but all other ninja storm will take the crown.

Blaze9292847d ago

Yeah and plus we know this time that it'll have online play too? I don't even see why NamcoBandai is putting this one out the same year.

I wish they'd create some new story arcs and characters again. I don't think I can take playing through the cell saga anymore.

But judging off the what-ifs they did in Raging Blast, it shows anything they create from scratch will suck...badly.

unrealgamer582847d ago

Its a sad day when I'm looking forward to a naruto game more than a dbz game

Blaze9292847d ago

lmao I know right - who would've thought such a day would come?

Off-Topic: I wish they'd make a PS3/360 Bleach game though. One Piece too if done right.

silvacrest2847d ago

is one piece still good? i drifted off it a while ago, if its on par with naruto shippuuden, bleach and fullmetal then i may go back to it

Hotel_Moscow2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

if they made a bleach game my god the posibilties will be endless they already have it for the psp

the only thing they need to o is copy the anime exactly i mean to the dots we need epic music epic beam clashes that arent over flashy

majdees2844d ago

One Piece is epic man, u shouldn't have stopped :P an arc just finished and the new coming arc is the true beginning of One Piece. One Piece is on a whole different level than the rest.

ThanatosDMC2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

One Piece is the best. Edward Newgate (aka Whitebeard) KICKS ASS!!! I like the fact that characters stay strong unlike Bleach in which he's strong then he's not strong then he's strong again. I like the consistency and epicness of One Piece.

It's an adventure and it makes you feel that you cant wait nor expect what the Strawhat Crew will find or get into. Best anime ever. Drawing at first was extremely weird and childish but it's the best fighting/adventure/whatever anime i've been following.

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Obama2844d ago

One piece is still really good, whereas Naruto is getting pretty boring.

Bluemaster772847d ago

I sense more meritocracy on the way

Brewski0072847d ago

looks like the same formula , and probably just another milking money-spinner. Wont be buying this.

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