Capcom's Jun Takeuchi felt 'extreme pressure' working on RE5

Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi has revealed that he felt “extreme pressure” during his involvement on the project, and declared that he doesn’t see himself returning for a sixth instalment in the venerable horror franchise....

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kratos1232992d ago

this guy made re5 and lost planet 2
if i was this guy i wouldnt show my face anywhere
he trully destroyed RE fore my

masterofpwnage2992d ago

honesly bring back the zombies in resident evil

scofios2992d ago

even if he fuckt up resident evil 5 i stil prefer him over that prick Keiji Inafune over at capcom.

DigitalHorror812992d ago

History has shown that if you GO BACK TO YOUR ROOTS you can achieve success. Please--RE5 was a good game, but give us back survival horror. It was more of a Call Of Duty meets Gears of War with few elements of scares. Come on, put the gamers back in a mansion if you must. Give us darkness and crowded spaces!