Alan Wake- One of the Most Breathtaking Games on 360

Remedy, the developer of the Alan Wake revealed that it's "betting the farm" on the success of its Xbox 360 exclusive.

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BubbleSystemSuck2993d ago

Nice... we need more games like this

GiantEnemyCrab2993d ago

Agreed! Heavy Rain and now Alan Wake are a nice change from the shoot, kill, slash, gore games that flood the market.

I've just started playing this and I can say it really is great and looks gorgeous.

La Chance2993d ago

I hope MS give some big cash to remedy to make another 360 exclusive. Hell, they should actually buy them up!

Traveler2992d ago

Yeah, Microsoft should consider buying them. They are obviously very talented and could be a great asset for Microsoft. I can't wait to get my hands on Alan Wake.

DMason2992d ago

MS actually states that they prefer not to buy up developers.


exactly, theu should go ahead and ink that deal now it will be money well spent.

asdf122992d ago

Do you have something wrong with you?

He's a troll, he's just trolled you well,he's not a fanboy.
Please, learn the ways of the web, and stop falling bait to trolls.

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Mo0eY2993d ago ShowReplies(2)
Hanif-8762993d ago

If thats the case is that how low quality Xbox360 games are :-(

pimpmaster2992d ago

im on chapter 6 right now and.... im somewhat saddened by the fact that theres no errie gameplay dreams like in max payne 1 or batman AA scarecrow sections , which is really all i was looking forward to in this game. but even withought it its a pretty good game although at times i felt the forest setting was getting lame. could of done with more indoor sections.

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Sunny_D2993d ago Show
frogdefdaa2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

finally a blockbuster game for Microsoft this year.
Sony took its time since the beginning og the year by releasing AAA games like GOW3, heavy rain,..

GiantEnemyCrab2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Umm.. Mass Effect 2 wasn't exactly chump change.. AAA all the way.. Dunno wtf this has to do with Sony AT ALL.

@below: Oh man! Totally forgot about Conviction. +bubs for the reminder.

La Chance2993d ago

Wow looks like someone missed ME2 and Conviction...but for some weird reason sure didnt miss the far more "niche" release that was Heavy Rain...

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Megaton2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Mass Effect 2 is the only 360 game so far this year I really liked, and it's probably my favorite game of the year right now.

Never gave a crap about the first Mass Effect, even with friends telling me I need to try it. Was a rocky first hour or so in ME2, forcing myself to stay interested, much like how I reacted to Fallout 3 the first time. In the end, as with Fallout 3, I loved the game once I got into it. Liked it so much that I went and ordered the first Mass Effect a couple days ago. Can't wait to finish the first one and import my save to see how things change.

lovecipher72993d ago

Then you dont have a 360. Cause splinter cell, ME2, and soon to be alan wake. i have all systems and i mean all systems just to play all the great games on each and believe me splinter cell holds it own. the game looks good and is very addictive. I dont know why people must pretend to have all systems not to look bias, when the whole time they really are. just enjoy the game not the system.

waltercross2993d ago

Quit being a Fannypack, did you not read anything that Xiphos said?
He said Mass Effect 2 is the only game on the 360 that he really Liked, He didn't say that "YOU" really liked, It's funny how some people act like they know you better then yourself and these people are strangers to.

Croaker2993d ago


I think you'll enjoy seeing how everything plays out with your imported character. I've got two imports that I've played through ME2 with and it was a different experience for both parties. I would advise that you follow more down the Paragon path as most of the events in ME2 lean more towards the Renegade decisions.

Megaton2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

You're right, you got me, I don't have all systems, I only have a 360. My PS3 broke last year, and the others (PS2/DC/GC) are in boxes at the bottom of my closet. Add me if you want- actually, don't. I don't want people like you on my friends list, but feel free to stalk my online presence. Unlike you, my tag is in my profile here.

I'm interested in Alan Wake, but it isn't even out yet, so I dunno why you'd hate on me for not saying I loved playing a game that isn't out yet. Was never a fan of Splinter Cell, and even the casual revamp the series got in Conviction wasn't enough to grab my sack and say "BUY ME!".

But please, continue to think you know me, what I own, and what games I must like to avoid being a fanboy. March on, mighty misguided opinion gestapo.

@Croaker - I was planning on going Paragon for the most part. I'm on my 2nd playthrough of unimported ME2, and ended up being max Paragon again, with about a bar of Renegade. For an import file, I want as many people as possible alive for ME2. I wanna save the Citadel and Wrex for sure. Really wanna see how different Tuchanka dialog/missions are with Wrex leading clan Urdnot instead of Wreav.

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KiRBY30002993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

"sony only had HR and GOWIII"

and will also have GT5 and LBP2, 2 strong GOTY contenders IMO. plus more games officially announced at E3 in a month, with possible 2010 release date (Killzone 3, The Last Guardian).

i dont think conviction or crackdown is GOTY contender much lol no offense. hell i dont even think conviction will remain exclusive to the 360! the only GOTY contenders i see for the 360 this year is Mass Effect 2 but even this one has chance of being released on the PS3.

as for Alan Wake, I'll play it first but the mixed review it gets worried me a bit.

my personal GOTY contenders pronostic:
Mass Effect 2
God of War 3
Battlefield Bad Company 2
Red Dead Redemption
Alan Wake (i hope so)

Solidus187-SCMilk2993d ago

Because They will be the most feature rich games there will be this console generation.

Croaker2993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

Mass Effect 2 isn't going to make a debut on the PS3. Simply because MS owns the rights to Mass Effect. It just wouldn't make any sense to carry over a part of the trilogy, now would it?
Besides playing through Mass Effect 2 without having played through Mass Effect will leave its audience a bit confused as to what is exactly going on and why past events are so vaguely described. When you meet some of the old members of your team for instance.
The full experience is without a doubt superior to an partial experience, would you not agree?

This is why I honestly don't *think* that Sony will ever see the Mass Effect trilogy on their console. Now, moving beyond the trilogy. Sure, maybe. Conviction is different. it's one game.

I'm pulling for Mass Effect 2 as of right now, of course Red Dead will probably be added to that list as well, for my own personal GOTY contenders.

KiRBY30002992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

MS does not own the rights to Mass Effect, EA does. i think MS only owns the publishing rights to the 1st game, hence the confusion.

there is plenty of 360 owners who havent played the 1st game but bought ME2. even if you start with the 2nd game, you can still play and enjoy it.

btw it would be nice to know what people think instead of seeing the stealth disagrees, if you have anything clever to say of course.

Therealspy032993d ago

i love how you can tell who the 360 supporters are cuz they already are down to 2 bubbles. meanwhile, the ps3 camp can troll any article and still have their bubbles. same old lame n4g community.

R2D22992d ago

It would not be as bad if it was only Pro Sony Fans but the fact that this place is infested with Sony Trolls is WHAT REALLY BOTHERS ME.

I love my PS3 fat and I would not trade that for the world but come on people the 360 has also provided me with some fun times! Be a gamer and not a slave to one company : )

raztad2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Yeah right, I guess that's exactly why Saga Kin is down to 1 bubble. Judging by his comments he got to be a mega xbox fan.

Ontopic: Good games are not necessarily exclusive to any platform.

Therealspy032992d ago

cuz he's a troll to the 10th degree. and cuz everyone knows it's saaking and he's using multiple accounts. good for him.

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