Is The PSP Go Dead Yet?

Mike Fahey from Kotaku writes: This is the last picture I took of my PSP Go before selling it on eBay for $200. Is anyone still holding onto theirs?

Three months after Sony released the UMD-less, sliding screen PSP Go I finally caved and bought one of my very own. Why? For one, it is a very pretty device. It's gorgeous, really, all compact and sleek and slide-able. The other reason was I figured it was easier for publishers to send me reviewable titles via a PlayStation Network code than UMD disc, so it wouldn't matter that I couldn't use them.

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unrealgamer582842d ago

lol and kotaku wonders why people call them bias

Elven62842d ago

Why? They praise the PSP 3000 which I personally love and also find to be the superior of the two and they trash the Go which hasn't really been met with open arms by the industry.

lociefer2842d ago

if u dont like it, it dsnt mean it's dead

RememberThe3572842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

If the Go was actually priced well it would be doing fine. Nearly everyone I've talked to about it thinks its cool then they hear the price and they say "f*ck that." Plus, Sony has utterly failed to support the PSN with PSP content.

Shang-Long2842d ago

I want a psp go just to play ps1 games. FF7-9, street fighter alpha 3 and other games. But u won't/ can't pick it up until they drop the price in the hundreds.

iforgotmylogin2842d ago

the umdless feature is what turns people off the psp go
it could cost 99dollars and it would be worth it. you have to download all the games and that's taking away something from gamers which they cherish.

Marceles2842d ago

The UMD-less feature isn't what turns people off, it's the fact that every game, new and old, isn't available for download which is what everyone thought would happen before it released. At least that's why I bought one.

It's supposed to be a portable luxury, built in memory, bluetooth, UMD-less, pause game feature...alot of potential but I wish it received the support as well.

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Blaze9292842d ago

The PSP Go is one sexy device. The only problem, at least in my eyes, is the price and the fact that not every PSP game that comes out is required to be released on PSN along side retail. FFS Crisis Core: FF7 is still not up there and that game alone for me would be the deal breaker if I didn't already have a PSP - it's awesome.

Then with the new Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep coming out it's looking to be the same situation.

Doesn't make any sense - why buy a system where there's a chance you can't even play the games you want?

I wonder what the problem is. Thinking about it, it would seem like all the have to do is put up a digital version. Is there problem with PSN fees, upsetting retailers, what? Gotta be something otherwise every PSP game should be up there by now.

hatchimatchi2842d ago

The problem is that SONY doesn't support the thing. I realize that they don't own the rights to every psp game, but if you're a company that decides to make a digital version of a handheld you should be prepared to have waves of titles available for it.

That wasn't and hasn't been the case. Week after week the psp store updates are an absolute joke.

Solidus187-SCMilk2842d ago

Id be upset too If I got one and then the didnt even release all NEW games on PSN for DL.

I may get a psp 3000- someday, mostly to play some of my beloved PS1 classics like FF7 and RE2, but I still want the one with the UMD drive since Id like to have the option to play every game.

PSP is a great little device but I think Sony messed up with a few aspects of the GO(mainly missing content, and the 250$ price tag).

I think sony should make it so the PS3 can play the digital PSP games. Sure it might hurt sales of the go(which are probably low anyways) but it would help move psp software I think. Id buy some PSP games if I could play them on the PS3, but Ill probably get a psp regular some day anyways.

Eddie201012842d ago

Not that this is going to change peoples minds but the pricing of the PSPgo($249.99) is probably to please the retailers....make sure they see a good profit for the hand held since they are not going to see as much profit from game sales. As far as the games go the publishers are trying to please the retailers by not puting the games on PSN before the retailer has had a chance to make a profit from the retail sale of the game.

The PPSgo is pretty great except for the price and the the fact that many new games are not available day and date with the retail versions, that said there is still a lot of content on PSN for the PSP and PSPgo.

Reduce the price and have new games maybe release within a two week period of the retail release and I would bet that many more people would be more interested in the the PSPgo.

hatchimatchi2842d ago

I have a psp go and it's the most worthless system/handheld I've ever owned.

The thing is a complete joke, you have no idea how frustrating it is to own a handheld and to not be able to play game that YOU want to play for it. Instead, SONY ignores the thing and release nothing of value week after week.

The pspgo is the worst handheld ever made imo and should be avoided at all costs.

Trroy2842d ago

Why don't you sell your Go, hatchimatchi? That way you can stop whining about what many others consider the finest handheld ever made.

Trey_4_life2842d ago

Kotaku are the new destructoid, game on!

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ClownBelt2842d ago

Well this time there's truth on their words.

mrv3212842d ago

They called the PS3 dead.

They where wrong.

They called blu-ray dead at launch

They where wrong.

NateNater2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

They called the PSPgo dead.

IMHO they're somewhat right.

PSP 3000 is a better option. You can still download PSN games on to it, it has a bigger screen, and it's a lot cheaper than PSPgo which is why the Go sells so poorly. PSPgo isn't really a massive upgrade and Sony knows that. Consumers will go for the cheaper option, especially when the cheaper option is not that different from the new one. Sony's biggest mistake with the Go was that they not add enough good PSP titles to the PSN soon enough. For example, where is Crisis Core?

Furthermore, I think a lot of people are just waiting for PSP2 and it's second analong stick.

Kratos Spartan2842d ago

They probably think I'm dead...

NateNater2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Well...looking at how your trilogy ended..... ;-)

RememberThe3572842d ago

Did you watch past the end of the credits?

PotNoodle2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

I'm keeping mine because it is for me, the best PSP out. I have a PSP 1000 too, the older models - 1000, 2000 and 3000 are unusable.

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