Independent: Alan Wake review

"Suffering from writer’s block, Alan Wake takes respite at Bright Falls, a town with more secrets than Twin Peaks. Before too long, his wife is kidnapped and Wake – suffering from a week-long blackout – finds himself prey to the mysterious “Dark Presence”."

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GiantEnemyCrab2845d ago

2 perfect scores in a row! Seems this is really hitting a positive cord with the European press except for the usual suspects *cough* Edge *cough*

Go go Alan! Remedy seems to have put together a real nice game here worth the $$ and I hope gamers support them.

-MD-2845d ago

It would be nice to see the meta go up a bit. Everyone is condemning the game because it's sitting at an 85 when that's a perfectly good score.

Cherchez La Ghost2845d ago

It dosen't matter. I'm buying this game day one.