LittleBigPlanet 2 - EDGE scans and info

The info and scans of LittleBigPlanet 2 from the last EDGE


New info added

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unrealgamer582845d ago

good to know.

thanks for the info playstation informer....and...... edge magazine........... I feel dirty

Jerk1202845d ago

The dark side is good.

The_Count2844d ago

Let the COUNT down begin!

ah ah ah

-Alpha2845d ago

These are LBP1 screens right?? Can't read it atm, but I'm assuming that LBP2 will be in 3D?

waltercross2845d ago

LBP 2 Will still be in 2.5 I Believe from what I've read, but add much more content and new tools etc.

FACTUAL evidence2845d ago

Ah well, looks like I'm going to enjoy another epic ps3 game! ^.^

HBK6192844d ago

It's actually not 'so soon' as many might think. By the time this comes out, it will have been 2 years. The same development time that COD's get, Uncharted 2 got, Killzone 3 will get, Resistance 2 and 3 will have got. 2 years development is a lot when you have a set plan and as seen with some titles a ton can be done.

zeeshan2844d ago

^ 2 years for a COD game? Hell no! They release it every year!

ajeben8092844d ago

theres 2 seperate studios making their own cod which release a year apart from eachother because it undergoes a 2 year dev cycle, so technically yes a new cod every two years

krouse932844d ago

This is a game they would announce first on the Blog or E3. I don't understand how this went under someones radar. Can someone enlighten me. I am super excited it's just unbelievable to be hearing about this so unexpectedly.

jeseth2844d ago

LBP is an incredible game that all ages can play. Its fun to play and make levels with adults and the game practically babysits my little cousins and nephews!

I hope they find a way to make all the DLC from the 1st game jump over to the second game.

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 2844d ago

I just feel a lot of sells with this game for the Casual Audience, and ModNation Racers coming, is unstoppable.

Yi-Long2845d ago

... if many of the 'casual' audience have a PS3 and knows about LBP, let alone Modnation Racers.

Personally, I got the first LBP pretty much as soon as it came out, but I probably won't be doing that again with the 2nd one, because of all the DLC-milking.

-Alpha2845d ago

The DLC is mostly aesthetic (skins, costumes, etc).

It doesn't affect gameplay at all unless you are a creator.

Additionally you can play content that is from DLC, so I have no problem with it.

The water tools and the MGS pack gave new creation tools and I think that was proper to fee for DLC. The rest of it is milking (the costume packs), but again, has no effect on gameplay which is good.

kjordanreyna2845d ago

Enjoy your other forms of milking...practically routine with every other game.

KongRudi2844d ago

Includes both functionality and costume-packs. :)

That's pretty cool, I think.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi__2845d ago

"They saw levels created in the presentation were Snake, Micro Machines, Asteroids, Bionic Commando(Grappling Hook), Plok, Gradius, Choplifter, Puzzle Bubble, Shadow of the Colossus, Space Invaders and A Boy and his Blob." ;-P

I still HATE Edge mag tho!!! ;-D But saying that they did give LBP1 10/10!!! ;)

SKCShifty2845d ago ShowReplies(3)
GeoramA2845d ago

Edge is actually useful for something!

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