Xbox Addict: Alan Wake Review

Xbox Addict writes: "I am a reader...let me rephrase that....I am a voracious reader. There are few things I enjoy more than an engaging story that has me awake at 2am frantically taking in each new revelation as though it were visual oxygen."

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GiantEnemyCrab2995d ago

Hrm.. seems like the lowest scores came out first and now we are seeing a lot more 9's and 10's.. Usually happens the opposite but this is a pleasant surprise!

In Remedy I Trust!

Elven62995d ago

The general consensus seems to be in the 8.5+ region with a few obscure ones that are below that.

I was sold on Alan Wake after reading the lore behind the game, the Bright Falls series helped too. I'm sure the game itself will be good too.

Sinkway2995d ago

yeah i agree. looking forward to this game. Looks totally awesome.