Top 10 best-selling games on Amazon in April

The top ten best-selling video games and game re-related products on Amazon during the month of April. Also included are individual charts for the Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

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-Mezzo-2991d ago

No wonder starcraft 2 is up there.

mjolliffe2991d ago

Street Fighter did well :)

topdawg1222991d ago

Yeah im surprised it sold so much more on PS3 than the 360 version. Great sells for Ps3 in general as well.

kraze072991d ago

The dual shock 3's d-Pad makes fighting games so much better on the PS3.

Kaotik12991d ago

360's doing pretty bad on Amazon!

jdktech20102991d ago

yea cause PS3 is doing so much better....with one game at 6.

Fanboys amaze me at the lengths they go

PotNoodle2991d ago

Nothing in that comment implied he was talking about the PS3. Assuming someone saying something negative about the 360 is a PS3 fanboy is just as bad as what you're accusing him of.

thehitman2991d ago

SF is at number 2 (PS3) TROLL BE GONE!

Lich1202991d ago

Anyone else think its interesting to see the variances in the games 360 / ps3 users pick. Kinda solidifies that each console is for different crowds. Its not extreme, but fighting/action games seem to do better on ps3 (likely for the better d-pad also) while shooters do better on the 360 (I get the console shooters on my 360 because I like the joystick layout more).

maka2991d ago

have you tried playing shooters on the ps3 with a mouse? try it, you may even like it better than the 360 controller. i use fragfx pro but you have to do alot of tweaking at first, some people cbf doing it, but most hardcore ps3 gamers use it.

Solidus187-SCMilk2991d ago

the best selling games on ps3 are shooters too.

Lich1202990d ago


I actually have not tried that out. I definitely think mouse is the way to go though so I need to try it.

HaloManiac2991d ago

Comon people, seriously? A fukin Wii Fit! I'm just totally confused on why people keep buying Nintendos crap

maka2991d ago

Not only for gamers but for causal aswell, that is why they are no# 1

thehitman2991d ago

Like the wii fit thats why it sell my 6x year old professor has 1 my 4x year old aunt has 1. All of nintendo sales are inflated by women.

iceman062991d ago

Products that are advertised on her show or in that general time slot seem to boom! Seriously, Nintendo went after kids, parents, and long time Nintendo supporters with the Wii. My 62 y/o mother couldn't tell you what a PS3 was until I talked her into helping get one for my nephew for X-mas. She didn't know what a 360 was except that thing with commercials every 10 minutes. Yet, on her birthday she asked for a DS...just for Brain Age...because of a 60 Minutes story about Brain Age helping to prevent early onset dementia. Now, she thinks that the Wii can help her shed some unwanted pounds!!!

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