Namco Bandai Annual Losses Hit $317 Million

The publisher reported annual sales of ¥378.5 billion ($4.1 billion), an 11 percent decline from the year prior. Namco Bandai's net loss for the year was ¥29 billion ($317 million) compared to income of ¥11.8 billion ($129 million) a year ago

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RememberThe3572721d ago

Tekken 6 just didn't feel right. I was so excited for it but just couldn't get into it. They spent too much time building that stupid action part of the game and that ended up sucking anyways. Tekken 6 was a bigger disappointment to me than MW2 and I'm glad to see the sales reflected that. It still hasn't sold as much as the previous games and it's multiplatform. Maybe next time they'll give us the Tekken we love.

rockleex2721d ago

An upgraded version of Dark Resurrection.

What was the last great game NamcoBandai made and actually put effort in?

bruddahmanmatt2721d ago

Still waiting for Ace Combat to come to the PS3. Hell I'd pay for a remastered HD collection comprised of AC04, AC5 and ACZero. Throw in a full remake of the JPN version of AC3 and I'd be really happy.

2721d ago
KillaManiac2720d ago

I am glad they are loosing $$$...putting all these PAST franchises that were Sony exclusive to 360 exclusive/timed.

Where was PS3's Ace Combat?
Where is PS3's Magna Carta 2?
Where was NA's Tales of Vesperia?

Stop making exclusive or timed RPG 360 games because they do NOT make money in the territories that make the most money in RPG sales (Japan).

ShinRyuHadoken2720d ago

So true Tekken 6 is the worst Tekken game experience I ever played. Tekken 5 is still much better for a PS2 game that looks same as Tekken 6 in graphics. :(

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8thnightvolley2721d ago

that is alot of losses and tekken sure didnt feel right up there with the likes of street fighter IV showing that fighting games can still be fun..

ClownBelt2721d ago ShowReplies(2)
ClownBelt2721d ago

Tales of Vesperia? Sure it's on the PS3, but that's for Japan!

yoshiro2721d ago

well next time, make a real tekken game

8thnightvolley2721d ago

u can say that again. tekken was such a flop

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The story is too old to be commented.