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Nicholas Cage2850d ago

cant wait to play peacewalker.

8thnightvolley2850d ago

yeah totally agree, looking forward to this on my psp

RememberThe3572850d ago

People want the system, but it's hard to justify buying one when they release so few quality title for the platform. I have bought two over the years and never play them. It's sad because I think that it's the best hadheld out right now.

Nicholas Cage2850d ago

assassins creed, littlebigplanetpsp, killzone liberation 1, 2, socom, ratchet and clank, gran turismo psp...

RememberThe3572850d ago

Assassin's Creed on the PSP is horrible. GT PSP didn't have a carrier mode which ruined the entire experience.

The only great game on the system are GoW:CoO, The Syphon Filter games, Resistance: Retrobution, Jeanne D'arc, LBP, Liberation, and now Peace Walker. This is with 5 years of releasing games on the system. I can't name one good game besides Peace Walker that has been release this year.

SoapShoes2849d ago

Seriously? Man, people like you are ridiculous... It doesn't matter how many games come out for the PSP, you still will not be interested. Btw, PSP has been #1 in Japan many times.

GT PSP is the best racing game on any handheld. You don't have a career mode, but that doesn't ruin crap. I doubt you even ever played it.