LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta Spotted

SystemLink: "LittleBigPlanet speculation has been constantly doing the rounds at the moment, with announcements for music and such popping up on LinkedIn and Twitter. However, since Sony's official announcement of LBP2, little has been seen or heard on the game."


Confirmed fake. See article for more.

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coolcole932995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

I hope I can get in. I can definitely not record some in HD :)

coolcut1352995d ago

jus for that u r now on sony's list of people not to give any secret betas too XD

coolcole932995d ago

You can't prove I said anything! :D

blizzard_cool2995d ago

coolcole93 said:
I hope I can get in. I can definitely not record some in HD :)

Copy & pasted mo'fucker. I'm getting your ass to court :p

The_Count2995d ago

The Count is not normally this excited but...


ah ah ah

rockleex2995d ago

"Little Big Planet TM 2".

TM = trademark

This is fake.

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blizzard_cool2995d ago

gevurah22 (the guy hired by Mm) confirms of it being a fake image

- Ghost of Sparta -2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

What's excellent about you being gullible as hell? I know the guy. He made a level, didn't even finish it, and named it "2 [BETA] in Pod". Give it a go, you'll fool your friends like he fooled you.

cryymoar2995d ago

except for the fast that Media Molecule just made it official via their twitter.

- Ghost of Sparta -2995d ago

While Media Molecule did confirm that everything revealed in the latest Game Informer issue was real, they did not confirm that this photo is legit. You wanna confirm facts? Here's one for you. You're wrong, just like that.

cryymoar2995d ago

So I am wrong that Media Molecule made it official.
I didnt even mention if the photo was the real deal, all I said was that it was made official and I get disagrees.
Jesus fckn christ, no wonder I stopped commenting on this web site.
full of some serious retards such as yourself for calling me wrong when I was absolutely undeniably correct.

WhittO2995d ago

im actually not that bothered about LBP2, I think i was one of the only people who didnt like the first.

Laggy playing with people, frames per second was below 10 at times and just overall negative experience whilst playing online (with long load times etc).

Szarky2995d ago

Online was a complete joke in the 1st. Even with all the patches they still couldn't fix the Play-Create-Share counter in everyones menu. It was always 0-0-0. Big time lag, finding people to play with was a hassle.

Hopefully they fix it in 2.

Chubear2995d ago

I never thought LBP would have a sequel this gen. I thought it would be a series of DLables large and small till next gen when we see LBP2.

I wonder how it'll be received. I know it'll do well but will it do better or as good as the 1st?

The_Count2995d ago

The count is sorry to inform you that the pic is fake :(

Scroll down a few posts here

ah ah ah

FACTUAL evidence2995d ago

didn't want to see a LBP 2 until the end of 2011....LBP hasn't even been around 2 years yet.....but i do love lbp..still in all, sorta disappointed that it's coming so early.

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kidnplay2995d ago

LittleBigPlanet 2 is a subject which is exciting me alot at the moment, and I can't wait for more news on the subject. This is a really sweet leak - it says to me that LBP isn't far off being ready :)

ClownBelt2995d ago

I don't get why Sony or MM can't keep their mouth shut about this and wait for E3.

Does this mean, they have a much bigger news in E3?

blizzard_cool2995d ago

It wasn't planned for E3 since GI already have it in their newest magazine.

alphakennybody2995d ago

the way I see it, sony is setting the stage for more newer/unannounced IPs by letting most of the already established old/recent ips out before e3.

SuperM2995d ago

Its not a smart thing to announce to many games at the same time. If they have bigger news will be up to the individual to decide but they most certainly will have more big news at e3

sikbeta2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

With Lot of First Party Studios that can Bring New IPs + The Loads of IPs Sony Already Have, they can Make Games 4ever, I hope for a Huge E310

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cliffbo2995d ago

the picture shows nothing does not prove anything yet!

redDevil872995d ago

I wasn't to interested in this before (even though i really liked the first), but after reading that huuuuuuuge list of changes i really want to see what MM can do with LBP2.

They should give sackboy some mini blades of chaos

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