Graphics So Bad They’re Good

Jeffrey Matulef writes in his Challenging Conventions column for TheGameReviews: Lately I’ve been on sort of a guilty pleasure kick. I think it was God of War 3 with its gorgeous visuals and insipid story that made me realize how much I love a good, cheesy action game, regardless of what it’s about. So I decided to revisit one of my all-time fave brawlers: God Hand. Here are my two main thoughts after returning to Shinji Mikami’s late PS2-era release: 1. Holy moly, is this game ugly! 2. Holy moly, is this game fun! I’m not convinced that these two are mutually exclusive. It’s God Hand’s blatant disregard for modern graphical standards (even for its time) that many would consider flaws, yet I believe to be inspired."

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yoshiro2993d ago

fail title...
this games might dont have the best graphics but they look very good to me

shoinan2993d ago

didn't charm me with its graphics at all. I just didn't get that game, seemed really hyped to me.