Top 10 Game Leads You Don't Want as Your Mother

From the feature list:

"Mother's day is just around the corner and without a doubt is a day to pay homage to the person who served as a mobile spawn point while we waited in our own personal matchmaking lobby for a full nine months. Sure, flowers and candy would do or a trip to the spa might be the best gift possible for mommy dearest. Maybe even a dinner and movie to remind her of her motherly instincts and how much you certainly love her in one fell swoop. Any of these things would be awesome and in your thankfulness to your mom, I'm sure you'd be willing to bend over backwards for her on this one day out of the year that she gets a break from cooking for you, cleaning up after you and driving you and your friends around – because you look so cool sitting in the back of her van. But, what if she wasn't your mom? What if somehow you wound up on the doorstep of one of the meanest, biggest badasses in a video game?"

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LaurenKB1232963d ago

LOL great image, happy Mother's day everyone!

UltimaEnder2963d ago

I'm sure there are some people out there that would trade their mom for some of these video game characters, like me....

GeoScore2962d ago

This is kinda retarded... I could "get it" if this was a list of women...but its not... and a predator is below batman??? Sheesh...

tomsau2962d ago

I don't want any of them to be my mother... mostly because they're not women, and that means I'm either adopted, some freaky shit went on, or I'm going to be scarred for life