Worldwide Yearly Chart for 2010

03rd Jan 2010 to 03rd Jan 2011

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Sunny_D2995d ago

Well, it's from Vgchartz but it's not a surprise that the top 5 games are Nintendo. But, #6 is GOW3! Hell yeah!

randomwiz2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Glad to see GOW3 with over 2m. Well deserved sales.

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playstation_clan2995d ago

which looks like a cheap game made in 3 days

bruddahmanmatt2995d ago

I think the game I'm most happy to see succeed this year is Heavy Rain. We all expected GOW3, FFXIII and BC2 to sell very well but there was a lot of concern as to whether or not players would be willing to take a chance on such a different game.

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MNicholas2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

As I've always said, the PS3 has always demonstrated higher demand than the 360 even when the 360 was selling more units at retail.

The 360's inability to significantly outsell the PS3 when the PS3 retailed at a significantly higher retail price was evidence of this. In fact, until the 360 dropped to $199 the $399 PS3 was outselling it by 25% on a monthly basis.

Now that the PS3 is just $299, it's significantly outselling the 360. If anything, the PS3's demand is stronger than I expected.

I also said last year that Natal was the 360's one chance but after the downgrade (removal of the internal chip) there appears to be a some general feeling that Natal might not live up to Microsoft's hype.

Frankly, I'm not convinced that the PS3's Move, despite it's performance advantages over Natal and Wii, will catch on. It's always difficult to introduce something new as an "upgrade" once a product has been on the market for while unless it's driven by a game.

Microphones sell because of games like Singstar, American Idol and Rockstar. Move won't sell unless there's a well marketed and reviewed game.

Alvadr2995d ago

GOWIII outsold Mass Effect 2, seriously didnt not expect that!!

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tha_meat_beater2995d ago

ps3 will pass the xbox very soon

SlipperyMooseCakes2995d ago

Look at all the PS3 fanboys come out and post propaganda. It's a shame they took away the ignore feature from the previous layout. If it is still here I don't know how to use it.

tha_meat_beater2995d ago

ps3 out sells xbox = fact
even the most delusional of fanboys cant dispute that

SlipperyMooseCakes2995d ago

It's not that really, it's the double standards that bother me. When VGchartz posts numbers that show the 360 in a good light the users here are quick to dismiss the site as bullshit. When the site shows the PS3 in a good light, it is just the opposite.

That's not to say every user is like that, but it happens a lot here.

The people posting in this article were quick to post things like "PS3 IS DESTROYING THE 360" and "SUPER SLAM FOR $199" I suppose he meant slim? While clearly the PS3 is thus far having a better year than the 360, it still has an uphill battle. It is in 3rd place and you have to realize that both Nintendo and Microsoft will have announcements a long with Sony that will change things up next month. Nothing is written in stone, that's all I'm trying to say.

Having said that I think the PS3 is a great system and am a proud owner myself. I own a 360 as well but have yet to buy into the Wii hype. Perhaps after this year that might change though.

bjornbear2995d ago

"It's a shame they took away the ignore feature from the previous layout."

click on the names, then on the right hand side there are options, one of which is ignore

oh look i used it *clicks ignore*

A change in the wind2995d ago

Propaganda? No. Just proud supporters.

niceguywii602995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Fanatical supporters.

VGC :( They always say PS3 wins in NA but VGCs proves otherwise yet PS3 fans use VGC when they say Sony is winning because there is no way to prove if VGC is right in other parts of the world.

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