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Relientk772941d ago

That level looks awesome

Shadow Flare2941d ago

it does look awesome, although it looks incredibly similar to the Metropolis levels from Sonic 2. Theres always a few things i'd like to change with this game but on the whole i think Sega's done a really good job with this. They've corrected many of the faults with the new sonic games, listened to the fans (on the most part) and the game looks great. Day 1.

mugoldeneagle032941d ago

I've read a lot of hate about this game so far but everything I've seen has looked alright. Like I said, if SEGA sticks to the basics, the game will be good. Can't wait.

Also, have these episodes been priced yet?

gtamike1232941d ago

yay a real sonic game :D

Redempteur2941d ago

yep the price ... the price better be alright ...

iforgotmylogin2941d ago

it reminds me of that lvl in part 2 :D.

MEsoJD2941d ago

Trying real hard not to hype myself.

The thing that annoys me is that it takes so long for sonic to

speed up.

Solidus187-SCMilk2941d ago

Only criticism I have is Super sonic's quills are sticking up too much. Looks like its supposed to be super sayain sonic.

I know its a pointless criticism, but thats not supposed to be his hair, its supposed to be his spikes...

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ThatArtGuy2941d ago

It looks like they fixed Sonic's "floating spin." His jump looks much more natural now.

Mo0eY2941d ago

Mother trucking SUPER SONIC ftw. My doubts just washed away. Day 1 confirmed.

Awookie2941d ago

Music kinda sucks, and the camera seems to close.
Not as excited as i was looks like a shadow of the greatness of sonic 1,2,3.

ThatArtGuy2941d ago

Camera was always that close. You had to memorize the levels so you could run fast or lose all your rings.

We'll see how good it is when it's released.

Polluted2941d ago

Yeah, I don't think you're remembering the old Sonic games accurately because this looks pretty much exactly the same.

R3Dsuave2941d ago

Cause Michael Jackson wasn't here to make the tracks on this unlike the first one were he made the songs don't beleive me look it up r.i.p MJ

Awookie2941d ago

I have played tons of sonic 1,2,3 sonic looks bigger and the camera seems closer.

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