Giving Visual Novels a Chance in the West

DualShockers writes: "Those who enjoy cut-scene-driven games are a dying breed. Back in “the day” we enjoyed that part of a game’s story telling. Remember watching as Cloud raced his bike through the streets of Midgar or the opera scene in Final Fantasy VI? Those were some truly defining moments in the history of, not just the Final Fantasy franchise, but video games in general. These days, though, a new generation of gamers is rather spoiled by all the “must have action now” attitudes that prevail throughout their peers. First person shooters with pitiful excuses for stories, RPGs that try to cater to this “I want it now” generation, but fall flat because the story isn’t expounded upon as much as it should be and games that attempt to cover over the fact that their story sucks with massive amounts of customization and personalization of the characters and everything else are all commonplace."

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Servbot2939d ago

I really like visual novels, and it's disappointing that most of the great ones never see the light of day in the US.

taz80802939d ago

The opera scene in FF was epic and really showed the ability of video games to go in different directions. We need more innovation and outside the box thinking at times in video games.

Hitman07692939d ago

I definitely will be giving them much more of a chance given the major titles making great ones I have opened my eyes to the medium!