The Perfect TV for gamers

The new Viewsonic VX2739wm has only one ambition: to become a true reference in the field of gaming.

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DailyAddict2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Nice try, but no. This is a computer monitor, not a TV. For starters it doesn't support proper input signals for TV for anything below 1080P. Which means if you're watching 480i, 720, etc. it will not look right at all. Also take note that it only has 1 HDMI port, when the average TV is 3. It only needs one because it's a monitor that you'd only plug into one source (i.e. Your computer). I could go on, but I think you get this point. This is suppose to serve as a computer monitor first and if you try to use it as a TV your mileage may vary accordingly.

Gun_Senshi2876d ago

I want to buy a LED (If possible 22"since I prefer saying close) for my ps3

any suggestions?

pustulio2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Ok, is not a TV? Then F*ck it, can i at least have the girl?


Mo0eY2876d ago

For the true HD console (the PS3), buy anything above 42 inches. Anything below is unrecognizable for 1080p games and blu-rays. Also look at input lag (some LCD TVs have really bad input from your controller to the console). Lastly, look for black levels. Plasma HDTVs have the best blacks. LCD HDTVs have more color pop (brighter colors (brighter does not mean more reaslistic), but grayer blacks).

The last thing is looking for other features. I hope this helps.

Arnon2876d ago

Considering that the majority of console games do not run in 1080p, I'd say it honestly wouldn't matter. Also, you cant exactly look at the input lag of a TV. They're not exactly going to advertise such a thing. It's true that plasma TVs have better blacks, but in reality, an LCD TV and especially an LED TV will last you much longer.

For the true HD console (the PC), buy anything you want.

bunfighterii2876d ago

I think that's garbage about not being able to recognise 1080p below 42 inches.

I have 3 HDTV's in my house. My gaming TV is in my bedroom- and its a 32" 1080p Samsung LCD. There's another 32" Samsung in the Rec. room that's 720p, and finally the house's main TV is a 56" Pioneer Plasma, that's also 720p.

Having used my PS3 on all 3 extensively, I can definately say that even at 32", full HD makes a difference. Everything is crisper and clearer, from the XMB menu to the games and movies- its all a noticeable step up from 720p to 1080p.

Finally, LCD TV's picture quality is as good if not better than plasma these days anyway. Maybe 2 years ago there was a quality gap in black levels etc. but most big name quality brands don't even make plasma anymore, because Plasma TV sales are under a phased ban in the EU. Sharp, Sony, Samsung and Toshiba are all brands I know of that are phasing out production of, or have discontinued their plasma lines.

I'd recommend 32" and above for gaming. Anything else is too small to be worth the cost. You can get a decent full hd tv that's perfect for gaming for well under $1000 these days. Sony and Samsung have some great entry level models this year.

Seferoth752876d ago

I love how 1080p is now "true HD." when just 2 years ago anything above 480p was true HD.

badz1492876d ago

...about a monitor! not even a TV! FAIL!

sid4gamerfreak2876d ago

this aint a tv its a computer moniter...

8thnightvolley2876d ago

this article os so outdated.. ppl are already moving to LEDs now.. and my LCD does way more contrast ratio than that stuff he is callin samsung 32 inch beautiful backlighting and some seriously sweet visual when u have ur ps3 or 360 hooked up.. monitors are not the way bro.. tv are the shyt right now

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geth1gh2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

ill stick to my 1080p 42" 120hz and no, im sure a lot of you have something better in your living room, but this is in my bedroom along with my surround sound system :)

it is 4ms response time, but the most talented human stops noticing a delay at 2ms and I can't notice it. I barely noticed going form my 8ms response time to this.

It was only $750 brand new shipped.

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geth1gh2876d ago

grow balls if your going to disagree with me and discuss it.

and how can you disagree with the fact that going from my old to new monitor was not a major upgrade.

lol kids on n4g these days.

Pandamobile2876d ago

Kind of a small res for for 27".

This is a monitor, not a TV. But still, that is a damn fine screen.

MUGEN2876d ago

No LED backlight and it looks like it doesn't support 120hz for Nvidia 3D so this isn't perfect for TV or PC.

Kratos Spartan2876d ago

I'll put my Bravia up against any T.V.(or monitor for that matter) on the market in terms of picture quality, even the new Sammy LED's. I didn't spend $3,000 for nothing.

Sorry, just had to stroke my ego for a sec...don't be talkin 'bout me Bravia :-D

MUGEN2876d ago

Unless it's an XBR8 then their are better LCD's on the market.

Kratos Spartan2876d ago

It is an XBR. 120hz MotionFlow. Several picture modes, including a Game Mode. Cinemotion for the movies. A monster Television set. I could go on...

bunfighterii2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

'Game mode' actually switches a TV from '120hz' to 60hz and gets rid of alot of post processing effects that look good for movies etc. but make games look weird. Over 60hz games can get what's called 'input lag' and ghosting/artifacts.

So just as an aside- If your in the market for a purely gaming TV- then you don't need to spend the extra money on a 100hz+ tv. 60 is fine.

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