What Duke Nukem Forever Can Teach PS3 Developers

PS3Center's Grumpy Gamer, Erik Heyl takes a look at the downfall of Duke Nukem and how its problems can help other developers.

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Chaostar2907d ago

Listen up Kazunori Yamauchi!

gaffyh2907d ago

Lol true, but GT5 is coming this year definitely. Kaz is just a perfectionist and wants to make GT definitive, he hasn't changed engines etc. like 3D realms did so many times.

PirateThom2907d ago

Actually, GT5 has changed engines.

GTHD Concept? That was going to be GT5 before they scrapped GT4 HD engine and started fresh, that's why it's taking so long. Even GT5P to GT5 has had numerous engine enhancements.

gaffyh2907d ago

Hmm...guess you do learn something new everyday. I thought it was taking ages because of the high-poly modelling and damage modelling that they were doing this time around. Anyway, whatever the case may be, I can't wait til GT5 releases, my favourite racing series by far.

ShinMaster2907d ago

The GT4 HD engine has nothing to do with GT5.
They just scrapped the HD game to focus on the actual GT5 game.

PirateThom2907d ago

Yeah "Vision Gran Turismo", which was supposed to be "Gran Turismo 5".

But was scrapped.

rockleex2907d ago

Sony is not so stupid as to let a developer just consume their money for over a decade without good progress.

Plus, Polyphony Digital made some money for Sony WHILE making GT5 in the form of Prologue.

By the way, where's my Omega Boost 2?

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swiftshot932907d ago

Yeah, building an engine from scratch must of killed PD. I cant imagine the effort, time, and money that went into that piece of tech. They could have easily got away with a GT4 HD engine too.

El_Colombiano2907d ago

If they had gone with the GT4 HD engine then we would have a game that looks only marginally better than Forza 3. Polyphony Digital love being the best so new engine it was.

Perkel2907d ago

i don't get it, What GT4 HD engine you are talkin about ?

There was no GT4HD engine or Vision engine or any other engine thatn prologue/GT5.

GT4 engine can't be used to do quick GT4 in HD for PS3. And all materials are on same engine with is constantly upgrading with development..

PirateThom2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

When Vision Gran Turismo was announced at E3 2006, they were planning to launch it with it being a "download what you want" set up before "Gran Turismo" proper came out. Vision Gran Turismo was a sequel, but it was meant to be a quick launch to tide people over to, what is now, GT5.

They scrapped this plan, because the plan was stupid and it was running on an old engine that wasn't delivering the results they wanted. They released Gran Turismo HD Concept, which was running on that engine, the same engine GT4 was running on, as a demo and, namely, a concept of what Gran Turismo HD would have been.

Remember, an engine is just the bare bones, it can be tweaked and changed and, in this case, a new coat of paint and HD resolutions on GT4 made GTHD.

Double Toasted2907d ago

A rather decent written article that actually brought up a good topic that I really didn't pay attention too.

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Microsoft Xbox 3602907d ago

Just like GT1, GT5 is a completely new engine designed from the ground up. Future installments of GT won't take many years to make. The engine is future proofed for another 4 or 5 GT games.

kaveti66162907d ago

GT5's case is very different from that of DNF. GT5 has is Sony's main course for the PS3 and no matter what, Sony is going to release it. The game will either be out in late 2010 or early 2011.

Chaostar2906d ago

I'm betting they will release it this Autumn/Fall and it will be excellent! I didn't mean to imply that I think it will be vaporware, which I think is the reason so many people disagreed?

I actually just bought a logitech G27 just for this game in the good faith that it will release in the next 6-9 months. Until then I have prologue to practice with :)

Anyone know if Blur, Slit second or Mod nation supports logitech wheels?

GT5 will shift a fluff load of PS3 consoles here in the UK thats for sure.

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Looks like N4G would be dead without news and articles about PlayStation 3.

dizzleK2907d ago

amen lol. whether it's in love or hate, all everybody does is talk about sony.

jalen2472906d ago

You have a very strong point. :)

dredgewalker2907d ago

Don't take FOREVER to make a game.........

wissam2907d ago

And What is this game has to do with the ps3 developers.

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