New Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Screens

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune first appeared last year as a stunning nameless demo, but lacked any real direction. However, during the last year or so it has gained shape, a name and a reputation as one of the most promising PS3 exclusives to date.

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ReconHope3965d ago

notice her hair turn blonde?

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3965d ago

WOW, a visual feast matched by few and duplicated by none! ;)

fenderputty3965d ago

Still ... this game looks amazing. It's a visual masterpiece.

ALIEN3965d ago

I like picture #1, it looks amazing, n i like the colors too. It's so colorful. I also like the gameplay, it's not aboring. This game will look n play very good.

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