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With production value as high as Zeus’ home, a setting of celestial scope and an experience of a lifetime, chaos cannot be missed.

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PS360PCROCKS2967d ago

lol ya I'm sure you judged the framerate with your eyes from gametrailers right?

Bodster2967d ago

I got the game on offer from GAME for £25 and I love it, I would defo agree with a 10/10, the framerate never dropped more than 1FPS for me :)

MmaFanQc2967d ago

jealous fanboy is jealous?

AAACE52967d ago

I was never into the God of War games, but after I was given a brand new 250 gig Ps3 and GoW 3 collectors edition and played several hours of it... I gotta say... This is one of the best games I have ever played! The graphics are some of the best I have ever seen. The frame rate did drop a couple times though, but that didn't hinder the experience.

I am probably close to the middle of the game as I am in the labyrinth right now, but I would suggest GoW 3 to anyone who likes a good game! I would almost say it's worth buying a Ps3 for!

MmaFanQc2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

without playing GOW1&2 is kinda dumb if you ask me.....

GOW3 is the ending of the story ....would you judge a whole movie only by seeing 5 minutes of the ending?

now i hope you wont be one of the retard who doesnt understand the ending.

foxxy2967d ago

Yeah you guys can keep Alan wake lmao. God of war 3 deserves a 11 my honest rating on that masterpiece.

lowcarb2967d ago

Sure it does because we all know they both can't possibly be good. /s

Legosz2967d ago

I played through it on easy, it is really a great game, amazing visuals, awesome kills, however hack n slash games are not my thing but that is just personal opinion.

xg-ei8ht2967d ago

Actually the game never drops to 20, it is either 60fps or 30fps, depending on cinematic or gameplay types, and the way in which they did it was unique.

Have u played the game shifty.

Because it's one of the best this gen, among Uncharted 2. And many others.

It's the end of a trilogy.

But the engine itself is amazing it it's own right, has the best AA as well.

It's a great game that nobody should miss.

And please tell me this while your at it.

What made online play a must have in a game?

Old games from way back when had no online, just sp and were fantastic.

Not every game needs it.

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The story is too old to be commented.