Opinion: Sony's Day of Confusion

There will be a few meetings and conference calls at Sony next week. On the agenda will be E3. Was it a success? How was it received by the media? Do we look better than we did a week ago? But there will also be the question of the confusion that has surrounded the future of PS3's 60 Gig version over the past 24 hours.

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cdzie13970d ago

I think the message from Sony is: "We are not making any more 60 GB PS3 system, but we have enough already made that it will be around for awhile."

Still, when they do sell out and if MS does go on with this $100 price drop, Sony is going to have to do something.

Adamalicious3970d ago

If they do stop selling the 60 they need to drop the price of the 80 when they're gone.

Bloodmask3970d ago

on 60 gig and left it alone, No 80 gig second sku.

The main problem with PS3 is people see that $600 price tag. I think it is intimidating to consumers.

One SKU at $499 would have been far more attractive.

LeShin3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

I agree with Adamalicious and Bloodmask, they better bring down the price of the 80gb quick, or it'll be real foolish!

However, Peter Moore shouldn't be commenting on the confusion of Sony having too many SKU's since the 360 now has 4!!!:

1: 360 Core
2: 360 Premium
3: 360 Elite
4: Halo 360

Xbrainer3969d ago

I guess I should buy a PS3 sooner rather than later then.

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