RPG Land’s Monthly Top 5: May

RPG Land: "What RPGs are you, dear internet, wanting the most? Here are the top 5 as of the month of May."
The 5 Most Anticipated RPGs by fans and staff within.

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chak_2814d ago

I'm extremely cautious about AP.

Yet I'm really waiting for review, I like the setting and concept, like timed-dialogue and such

knifefight2814d ago

Any word on a specific release date for Valkyria 2?

Tdmd2814d ago

Wait... what?? FFXIV will hit the shelves this month?? That can't be right... oO

imoutofthecontest2813d ago

None of these are coming out this month (except Alpha Protocol in some territories). This is the most anticipated RPGs, period, as of this month.