Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 New scans

New japanese scans of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

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simplyRealistic182937d ago

Day one anyone, day one anyone, im definitely getting this one, the reason i didnt get the last one is because lack of online and it was using pre-time skip story and that was boring, now that its shippuuden im going to enjoy playing pain

aviator1892936d ago

The visuals look awesome, gameplay looks sweet, and I just love the story of this show. Online should spice things up for me as well.

ThanatosDMC2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

I hope it's much much better than the first. It'd be nice if there was actually random missions like in Ass Creed 2's assassination missions. I actually like the first compared to all those Naruto games.

I also hope that the fighting becomes more complexed since doing the ultimate moves sometimes is almost impossible to dodge and not to mention getting the rikiri or rasengan repeatedly if used correctly is a b1tch.

Btw, it's less than $30 now at Gamestop used.

rockleex2936d ago

They offer a LOT more variety of attacks, which in turn required a lot more strategy other than just jumping around dodging attacks.

I hope they include two different fighting modes.

ThanatosDMC2936d ago

If only they can make it as great as Budokai 3...

Mo0eY2936d ago

Hey, I, like, to, use, commas, when, they, aren't, needed.

simplyRealistic182936d ago

If seeing commas get you butthurt, then i think you have some problems, this is n4g not and essay

crxss2936d ago

I got the 1st one on day one because the demo was ridiculously fun. I even purchased that Qore episode just for the demo. Local multiplayer was really fun so it was def worth a purchase (well I got it as a gift).

Getting the last one and owning at it will definitely put me at an advantage for MP. Be sure to check the Leaderboards on the better PS3 version for my name ;)

The_Beast2936d ago

i looked for it at like 5 gamestops and still cant find it

JoySticksFTW2935d ago

I'd get it just to kick Pain's arse for what he did to Jariya :(

And I wouldn't mind getting a shot at Susanno-spamming Sasuke either

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blizzard_cool2936d ago

I never bought the first game but at the time I was playing the demo all the freaking time. I still regret not buying it :'(

ThanatosDMC2936d ago

If you're lucky, you can get it for $27 used at gamestop.

rosebowl232936d ago

alright! this game looks awesome. i just hope the online is solid and that the fighting is a bit more complex.

tayz2936d ago

this will be the best game ever!!

stb2936d ago

Hyped comments like these, the game will be good but the best huh?...a break give me...

crxss2936d ago

IMO it'll get Fighting GOTY or some other GOTY award in some other regard.

masterofpwnage2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

he proably means it will be the best game for him.

he isnt hyping anything, he is just hype.
jus look at his avatar man.

unrealgamer582936d ago

I hope the young characters can be unlocked

crxss2936d ago

I'm sure we'll be seeing Young Kakashi, Obito, and possibly Rin. CC2 isn't gonna hold back like the did for the first one. I mean the first one didn't even have that many playable characters... where was Zabuza or Haku!!!???

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