Top 10 Upcoming PS3 Games

The PS3 had one hell of a games line up in 2009. With E3 just around the corner I’m sure Sony has many surprises for its fans. Also who gives a shit about motion control? All this news about the Playstation Move and Natal is annoying. Why the hell wouldn’t you want to play games while just laying down on your bed or on a toilet seat? Modern gamers are stupid, so we’re taking it back old school with the top 10 upcoming PS3 games you can play with a JOYPAD!

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stonecold12810d ago

the agent gt5 the last guardian modnation racers the agency maybe some of those other games like the getaway 3 eight days eyeidentify 3dot game hereos

Freak of Nature2810d ago

*Last guardian* along with *LBP 2* top my list!

With GT5 high up on it.

Bring on the Triple A games Sony!

rockleex2810d ago

1. The Last *freaking* Guardian!!!
2. Gran Turismo 5
3. Little Big Planet 2
4. Versus 13
5. Persona 5 (almost guaranteed)
6. etc

jjohan352810d ago

This list is epic fail because it didn't include CALL OF DUTY: Black Ops!


Great time to own a PS3.

KiRBY30002810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

is that 8 games in this top 10 are PS3 exclusive titles.

and there is a lot more coming. jaffe game, insomniac rumored adventure game, next naughty dog game (most likely uncharted 3), next santa monica game, SOCOM4, etc... the PS3 madness never ends!

schlanz2810d ago

All these games are high, high up on my anticipated games list. The fact that 8 of them are exclusive speaks tremendous volumes of how far the PS3 has come in terms of providing lots of quality exclusive software for gamers.

There seems to be no end in sight.

inveni02809d ago

It's really amazing to see how strong Sony has become. I remember toiling for days back in 2006 trying to decide whether to get a 360 or a PS3. Now, I have two PS3s, and I use them 80% of the time as media outlets in my house. The other 20% of the time is covered by incredible games that I just wouldn't have had the opportunity to play if I had made the wrong decision 4 years ago. And Sony keeps hitting me with all of these awesome opportunities. Even Move is a great addition. I know a lot of people complain, but Move will actually save me money. I was going to buy a Wii for my kids, with the announcement of Move, I can hold off.

Media Streaming
Unparalleled Game Line Up
Superior Motion-Based Gaming
Etc, Etc

The PS3 is the best purchase I've made in a long, long time....maybe even better than my wife's wedding ring...

Steve_02809d ago

@ inveni0
Don't let her catch you saying that!

kratos172810d ago

it might be just me but i think Agent is gonna be huge (maybe even grow into the next GTA)

piroh2810d ago

1.GT 5
2.The Last Guardian
3.Motorstorm 3
4.Modnation Racers
5.White Knight 2
6.Planet Minigolf
7.3D Dot Game Heroes
8.Neptune (if it comes to the Europe)
9.FF versus 13 (especially if it'll have world map)
10.LittleBigPlanet 2

rockleex2810d ago

And is Planet Minigolf supposed to be the new Hot Shots Golf?

Haven't ever heard about those two games.

piroh2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )
it's promising jrpg
Planet Minigolf is PSN game from "play-create-share" universe, you can create your own fields and share them. cost 10 USD release date Q2 2010, it'll be one of the best PSN games like the Wii blockbusters

btw, i like to see new Hot Shot Golf
i almost forgot, i'm looking forward to Silent Hill 6 it's the last good survival horror, bury the action Resident Evil 5

Chapulin2809d ago

Make sure u get Demons Souls if u haven't imported the game yet.

Rumor2810d ago

agree w/ everything on the list. including some multiplats like medal of honor, RDR, mvc3. but my baby needs to come out at least next year......uncharted 3! best ip this gen in my honest opinion

colonel1792810d ago

I want every game in that list except for GT5, I am not a driving simulator fan at all, but I do enjoy a lot Kart Racing Games... This year is going to be awesome for PS3 owners.

I can't even imagine which new IPs or totally unannounced, unexpected games Sony will announe at E3

Other than that, I really want SMG 2, Metroid: Other M and a new Zelda.

PS. . . Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep :D

Steve_02809d ago

Personally GT5 has been my most anticipated game for the last 3 years... Apart from maybe MGS4 or Uncharted 2, but I haven't had to wait on U2 nearly as long.
That said I can definitely see how a person might not be into it, especially if you don't have a proper wheel (once you try gt5 on a real race wheel, you instantly see where "real driving simulator" comes from).
Love me some kart racing too, can't wait for ModNation Racers! I can't actually decide if I prefer GT or old school Mario Kart (back when it was difficult)...

Brewski0072810d ago

Agree with your list, i'd be adding Fallout new vegas to mine though too. :)

stonecold12810d ago

and fall out new vegas looks like we should have been put on there same with motorstorm3 rfom 3 killzone 3 infamous 2 littlebigplanet 2 the list goes on i guess and same with the marvel game

Azianphil882810d ago

really want to see more info on Eight Days and The Getaway

sikbeta2810d ago

My List:

The Agency

Also, I want:

Twisted metal PS3
Syphon Filter PS3
Ape Escape PS3
The Getaway Ps3
8Days, NOW!

HolyOrangeCows2810d ago

Here's hoping we see some Agent at E3.

D4RkNIKON2809d ago

I plan to buy all of them but Deadspace 2.

Agent, yes
ModNation Racers, Can't wait! soon it will be mine
GT5, long time coming who isn't waiting for this one
Fallout Vegas, Fallout 3 was great so I will be getting Vegas
LBP2, GOTY edition lol can't wait
FF13 versus PS3 only B*tches!
Infamous 2, prototype what?
Killzone 3, Crysis 2 will have some competition in the console world

avengers19782809d ago

It's good to be a PS3 owner.
Let the games keep coming, and look at that a majority of the games on our list are exclusive(truely).
Tops Infamous 2, and KZ3 for me, but Last Guardian looks good too.

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Legosz2810d ago

I've seen 30 of these articles already. I think we all know PS3 games that are coming out.

JonnyBigBoss2810d ago

Give me all of them. PS3 for LIFE!

spektical2810d ago

nice list, but GT5 should be number 1. I mean SONY is betting so much on this game, and so are we.

-Alpha2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

Ugh. Why is Killzone 3 first when all this news about LBP2 is out?

At this point LBP2 will steal E3 and deserves to be #1. I would rank iNFamous 2nd, I have high hopes for a co-op mode if rumors still hold.


I think Mm's game is ridiculously huge. It sounds way too good to be true and there is nothing on the market like it. I can't wait for Monday.

PeeboDaKilla2810d ago

off-topic, but dexter's the sh*t!

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