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x360a Writes: "How Remedy got from a stunning play-on-words-name like Max Payne to Alan Wake, I’ll never know. It must have been a really sleep deprived meeting when that name was given the go-ahead. Remedy wanted their new protagonist to be an everyday man, yet every time I hear his name, I can’t help but think of two comical characters: Alan Partridge – Steve Coogan’s finest example of comedic brilliance – and Alan Titchmarsh – whose afternoon chat-show on UK TV is just as much of a joke. A game that delivers on just about every front and creates one of the greatest stories we’ve experienced in a game in quite some time. Yes folks, Alan Wake was worth the wait. "

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Trey_4_life2967d ago

This game is getting some pretty good scores, seems like a good rental.

DelbertGrady2967d ago

Not so sure about that. 360 owners are known for actually buying games.

mittwaffen2967d ago

I wanted to rent it; but it doesn't support a company that makes the game.

I'm buying it for the (15 dollar free DLC) and to support the company.

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A change in the wind2967d ago

"360 owners are known for actually buying games."
I guess that`s why God of War 3 outsold Mass Effect 2 huh?

lowcarb2967d ago

Day one confirmed for me without a question. AW is one of the few games this gen that sets the bar. Sometimes I rent but with so much episodic content on the way I just want to be part of the entire experience.

@a change in the wind

"I guess that`s why God of War 3 outsold Mass Effect 2 huh?"

Put up or show up some numbers please. Would be interesting if true but I just don't see it happening.

Dacapn2967d ago

It's actually more likely that GOWIII sold more than ME2 than it didn't. The first Mass Effect sold just over 2 million for lifetime sales. GOWIII hit 2 million in it's second month.

Mo0eY2967d ago Show
lowcarb2967d ago

"Soda, I guarantee I have more games just on my top shelf of my game case than you do in your entire house."

Talk about a childish comment lol. I'm happy for you!

-MD-2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

God of War is like Sony's biggest game... why not use Gears of War as a comparison? Or Halo?

I guess comparing something that sold 10 million to something that sold 2 million would look pretty bad though so I don't blame you.

Arnon2967d ago

Mass Effect 2 sold more than 2 million copies in the week it was released. I'm pretty sure God of War 3 hasn't outsold it yet.

ValkyriaChronic2967d ago

That's if you include PC sales. 360 sales of ME2 are still below that of GOW3.

@Murderdolls - Gran Turismo is actually Sony's biggest franchise and has sold more than the Halo series.

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DMason2967d ago

Everone knows that you do not own a 360. And to be 100% honest, this game is easily one of the best games I have played this year. It's up there with Mass Effect 2 and God of War 3.

And believe it or not, the graphics are absolutely mindblowing. The feeling of immersion in the world you're in can only be described as photo realism with a touch of fantasy.

Sure, go ahead and downplay the 360 and this game all you want. But it still doesnt stop the fact that the graphics are almost on par with UC 2, the lighting blows everything else away, and the storytelling is something that is hardly seen in the industry today.

BattleAxe2967d ago

It seems like its mainly the XBOX 360 websites like Planet Xbox and x360a are the ones giving this game the high scores, with the exception of IGN where its "cash for reviews" all day long......and it don't stop.

u got owned2967d ago

No, there are plenty of none xbox 360 sites giving this game great scores.

GamingTrend 95
Game Revolution 91
Telegraph 90
The Escapist 100
VideoGamer 90
Meristation 90
and many more

DatNJDom812967d ago

never heard of any of them except the 360 fanboy site telegraph.

Arnon2967d ago

Kotaku - N/A
Jeff Parumchuk - N/A
Joystiq - N/A - N/A
ArsTechnica - N/A
GameAxis Online - N/A
Gamertag Radio - N/A
Buttonmasher - N/A
Bitmob - N/A - N/A - N/A - N/A
The Escapist - 5/5
The Independent - 5/5
Hardgame2 - 10/10
iTWire - 10/10 - 5/5
Co-Optimus - 5/5 - 5/5 - 5/5 - 9.5/10 - 9.5/10
XXLGaming - 95/100
Gaming Trend - 95/100

Arnon2967d ago

Juegos DB - 9.5/10 - 9.5/10
Xbox Addict - 93/100 - 93/100 - 92% (Excellent)
PlanetXbox360 - 9.2/10
IncGamers - 9.1/10
411mania - 9.1/10
FileFront - 91/100 - 9/10
MSNBC - 9/10
Destructoid - 9/10
C&VG - 9/10
OXM - 9/10
Loud Mouthed Gamers - 9/10
Meristation - 9/10
Aeropause - 4.5/5
Capsule Computers - 9/10
Vandal Online - 9/10
GameDaily - 9/10
Gladriel - 9/10
Gamers Revenge - 9/10 - 9/10 - 9/10 - 9/10
Worthplaying - 9/10 - 9/10
Techland - 9/10
Pelaaja (Magazine) - 9/10
TheKoalition - 9/10
PerezStart - 9/10 - 9/10 - 9/10
ViceoJuegos - 90/100 - 4.5/5 (Highly Recommended) - 4.5/5
Just Push Start - 4.5/5 - 18/20 - 18/20
Tom's Games - 18/20
Game Revolution - A-

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Chubear2967d ago

.. where the hell do these obscure gaming websites spring out from?

MarkusMB2967d ago

x360a is a popular achievement database website.

Inside_out2967d ago

I usually rent games that don't have any multi player or co-op...especially short games like GOW3...AW is different because of the episodic nature of the game...From the start, Rememdy has made it clear the game will run like a T.V mini-series....with periodic episodes being released...I'll give it a fair shake and see how it goes...First episode is free to the first time buyer...Price will also play into it...I hope they keep it down, say $8-10 range.... Day one for me...the game looks incredible....I thought the video review from Gamestop was really well done with great footage...

My only disappointment with AW is the lack of a co-op type multi-player experience...It would of been spend time during the game with AI partners....why not co-op similar to L4D...May-be in the future...this IP is off to a great start...Still may see a PC version in the future...M$ making truck loads of money right now, ignoring the PC community...May change, who knows....

flanker222967d ago

mass effect also had to split sales with the pc version...

s8anicslayer2967d ago

I wonder why no mention of the replay value?

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MarkusMB2967d ago

Yeah. I noticed that also.

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cobraagent2967d ago

Its a very very good game, but after 5 years i had hoped for higher scores

redneck_smith2967d ago


MexicanAppleThief2967d ago

lol, your pic makes Hilary...

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