15 Most Violent video games that made you puke

GamingBolt writes: "Violence has been a long companion of video games. From decapitating to burning humans alive, we have witnessed it all. Through this short feature we take a look at some of the video games that made every strand of your hair to stand, due to the sheer amount of violence present. We present to you the 15 Most Violent video games that made you puke!"

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gameseveryday2815d ago

I am not sure about you dear friend, but Kratos cutting off Herme's Limbs is surely the most violent moment in the history of video games.

blodulv2815d ago

Yeah it's either that or the head removal of Helios, or bashing in the face of Hercules, or... Kratos pretty much decimates everything.

Darkfocus2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

his points still the same though none of those were nausea inducing if you got nauseous at the sight of graphic violence you wouldn't be playing those types of games in the first place.... and you'd be a sissy.

presto7172815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

RE4 had some funny parts like where Saddler killed **** with his d**k.

2815d ago
Solidus187-SCMilk2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

And that was dead space. It wasnt the gore that was gross, but all the gross ways that Issac could get killed.

One gross thing wsa this little octopus thing that squeezed off his head, stuck its tentacles down the neck hole and took over his body. It walked the decapitated Issac over to a wall where it pushed up against it to place the octopuss head firmly onto Issacs dead body's neck hole.

When I saw that I was like "EWWW." I didnt let those octopus things get near me ever again in that game.

And the weird stuffin SH1 creeped me out, probably because I was like 11 when I played it tho.

This is it but without showing it push against the wall.

mal_tez922815d ago

Things like pushing a guy's head into a bear trap or feeding someone into a woodshipper hauntd me forever.

drdistracto7072815d ago

feeding people into wood chippers?

ala Fargo?

Rhythmattic2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )


Yeh, not to sure about Video Games, But 2 girls 1 cup almost made me dry reach.. Almost..

So, Maybe a game on the Wii, "Wee on 2 Girls 1 Cup,"

xabmol2815d ago

I think I just puked a little...

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GamingForever2815d ago

and I never even played one of them!

poindat2815d ago

And it was also a terrible game. Terrible story, terrible set pieces, terrible gunplay, terrible AI, terrible graphics, etc. etc. etc.

But... It didn't take itself seriously. The whole thing was a non-stop action fest from start to finish with some gruesome gore. So much as shooting a guy in a limb would dismember it. And because it's so satisfying to run through a level slaughtering everything in sight (because the AI is so terrible), I let the game off the hook. I've played it through multiple times purely for the therapy of being a godless killing machine.

Lesson learned? If you want to make a terrible game, make it gory as hell and ridiculously easy.


Microsoft_Spokesman2815d ago

LOL, comment made me laugh. But you're right.

Solidus187-SCMilk2815d ago

The main draw was the gore leve. I remember being amazed shooting arms off and when their intestines would come out. LOL

Legosz2815d ago

Is a great article. :)

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