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Gameplanet writes: "When it comes to videogames, a reliable maxim is that the longer the descriptor, the greater the cause for concern. All too often, titles that blend together elements and borrow from other genres become curdled. So when writer Sam Lake describes his game as a “psychological thriller with elements of horror,” we’re inclined to lean back sceptically".

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KimDongHwan2908d ago

We can say this game has an average of 8.5 which is not bad, but for the hype that it had, not so good

Fishy Fingers2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

Shame after reading countless previews that had you believe this game would be one of the best this gen/ever.

But 8+ is generally seen as a great score (not by 'certain' people of course) and isn't something that should put you of the game, although I imagine Remedy were hoping for more.

thesummerofgeorge2908d ago

Actually it was only really the 360 fanboys saying shît like: this game has the best graphics in videogame history etc.. The majority of us knew better though.


@ thesummerofgeorge

to be fair, from what I have read the problem is not the graphics, there are many Great looking games with some of the best graphics we have seen this gen that fail on many other levels.

I have to say I agree with kimdonghwan.

8 is not a bad score at all, it's an excellent score all round, but lets be honest wtih the hype it got and what they had originally set out to achieve, this is not the average score I was expecting this game to get.

I am still buying it day one myself. but it seems to be getting the score it deserves from what i have read.

Biggest2907d ago

I thought an 8 was a very good score. Excellent or great is a bit of a stretch. Had the graphics been as good as some people knew they would be (obviously knew wrong) the game would have scored higher for a lot of people. That being said. . . I am going to buy this game. I just got me a 360 for $60 from a sticky-fingered friend. I enjoy a campy thriller as much as the next guy.

poindat2908d ago

Let's be totally honest though, an 8.5 is more than a good enough score for any game.

To tell the truth, I wish I owned a 360 for this game. It seems like a very interesting mystery/survival-horror/advent ure blend... and a focus on story telling, atmosphere, and overall experience! Regardless of scores or console preferences or whatever stupid things people argue over, everybody needs to support a developer that treats a single-player narrative with such care, something that is quickly becoming rare these days.

8thnightvolley2907d ago

8.5 is a good score it doesnt have to be a 10 to be good .. the game will be a great play

Hallmark Moment2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

Didn't notice too much hype most of the game's attention came from PS3 fans hating on the game. People were saying the game was pretty, which is still true and always will be.

A good example is the hype and attention the game is getting now, Mostly PS3 fans in these articles because you're tracking the game. No real hype just some news and your over reaction.

Biggest2907d ago

You didn't notice hype because you were the one handing it out like like candy at a 7 year old's birthday party. Too bad they revamped the site. I would love to see what was said a few weeks ago. Thankfully, the game is going to be solid. No one hates a solid game. Now we get the best of both worlds. We can laugh at people like you for being sheep AND play Alan Wake with a smile.

Hallmark Moment2907d ago

Like this guy above me he has been trolling Alan Wake articles since they started rolling in.

@Lowcarb It's the game's graphics they care about not the game. He didn't read anything about the graphics being a let down or poor, they're trying to relate graphics with the scores the game is getting based on other factors so they can feel good that the PS3 holds the crown which it does not because RAGE just took that.

waltercross2907d ago

Actually, there was allot of Hype about this game for along time, mostly from 360 fans and people who like the horror types.

With that said, 8.5 score is not a bad score at all and if this game
was on the PS3 I'd at least check it out thats for sure.

The game looks Great, a bit short but what Horror game is long anyways?.
I Hope it sells well.

lowcarb2907d ago

Yeah there was hype but mostly from a visuals standpoint. I think everyone myself included had no idea how well the game would play out. 8.5 is definitely a great score and will maybe even go higher if the episodic content improves on it's dislikes for some. My question to anyone is how do you rate a game that will have episodes? If they rate every episode then wouldn't that mean the score should go up and down based on rounded averages? The whole DLC thing should be factored into every review for adjustment I think.

iceman062907d ago

I understand that the content may change from episode to episode, but the gameplay mechanics probably won't. So, to answer your question, the episodes will be judged probably based on the overall contribution to the over-arching storyline. I doubt that the original score will be effected by the DLC episodes. Reviewers might comment on how well the episode complements the body of work...but that's probably going to be the extent of it.

Blitzed2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

You're right, you didn't hype the game at all, it was all PS3 fans.

Some of Hallmarks comments on Alan Wake:

'Alan Wake is the most visually impressive game to ever grace a console.'

'This is the most impressive game I have ever seen on consoles.'

'My must have single player game this year so far. I upgraded my HDTV for this game'

'Watching Alan Wake game play on XBL with my 46" Sammy with auto motion Blur and Judder reduction cranked all the way up is the most tear jerking experience ever.'

'If you can't see this game is impressive even in these screens you're just in denial. 360 owners have seen the trailer on XBL and know it's the most impressive'

'Didn't think consoles games could be this visually stunning until now'

'Alan Wake sets new visual standards on consoles'

I could go on but do I really have to? It's obvious you didn't hype it at all. /s

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lowcarb2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

"A beautifully crafted world, stunningly presented. A cast of believable characters wrapped up in a narrative that's paced as reliably as a metronome."

And just where are you reading the graphics are not the best thing or really really good? The score comes down to game play and of course opinions will vary. 360 fans were correct just they can't predict how good the story and game play would be which was never hyped. You guys are whats wrong with this site by typing nonsense day in and out. Please tell me where they talk down about the graphics in this review?

Fishy Fingers2907d ago

I'm whats wrong with this site? Really? Oh I dont even mention graphics in my comment.

lowcarb2907d ago

I miss read your comment Fishy sorry about that...Your correct about the previews but after I play it I really hope it's still one of the best games this gen for me. Read your comment again and maybe you can see kind of what others thought you were saying lol.

secksi-killer2907d ago

leave it out, 8.5 is a very good score. generally, if a game is scoring 7 or above, you know it's going to be a good game.

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SKCShifty2908d ago ShowReplies(5)
nemey2908d ago

best looking what??
on what console again!

DelbertGrady2908d ago

From what I've seen and from the scores it's been getting it certainly seems worth purchasing. Will play it before Red Dead Redemption drops, or switch between them.

DelbertGrady2907d ago

9 disagrees for that? Why?

waltercross2907d ago

2 words Fan Boys....or 1 word Fanboys, however you wish to spell it, or I Call em Fannypacks, people who disagree because they can and they know you support the game or the console.

but maybe they are disagreeing because they dont think It's worth purchasing? or maybe they disagree about switching between them? The Internet is a funny thing. :)

corneliuscrust2907d ago

because this site polluted by angry fanboys. They must demonstrate their epeen at all cost.

Lirky2908d ago

Alan wake many will agree with me...

It looks better and seems better than silent hill 5 the one where u use that guy.

Its like a true-next gen silent hill style game alan wake haves that feel to it.. if it was named differently then it would replace the silent hill franchise being a new survival horror thriller.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2907d ago (Edited 2907d ago )

Kinda SH and Alone in the Dark, luigi Mansion because of the flashlight and Max Payne because the Slo Mo effect. Mixed with those games, Alan Wake.

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