The Viability of Quick-Time Events

Used to be, you knew what parts of a game you could play and what parts you couldn’t. When Peach was talking, Mario appropriately kept his mouth shut and didn’t move, even when he was being informed that his princess was, in fact, in another castle (sorry, had to do it). Early Ninja Gaiden games had cutscenes that were entirely about exposition and crafting a better story, even if they never came off as well they should've.

Even today, most games have a divide between interaction and following through (or changing) a story, and watching as the story cements itself. Recently, however, developers have seen fit to leave that behind in favor of involving you in while the story plays itself out, in what are now dubbed Quick Time Events.

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SKCShifty2816d ago

lol since Alan Wake release is imminent all of a sudden we get Heavy Rain news popping up.......ps3 retards bringing up old news scared much are we?

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Yeah... it's these PS3 fans bringing up the news, did these PS3 fans ALSO bring up the higher meta critic by any chance? Did these PS3 fans also delay Alan Wake... Did PS3 fans cause RRoD also?

bu...bu.... the PS3 it's all their fault.