Metal Gear, PSP Conquer Japan

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker appears to be of to a great start on Hideo Kojima's home turf. Media Create's sales charts, covering April 26 through May 2, put the PSP title's first week sales at 434,000 units. This is just shy of MGS4's 464,926 unit debut from 2008...

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yoshiro2940d ago

what a fantastic game. this one is really, and more than ever, about tactical espionage..Metal Gear Solid is whithout any doubt the biggest series in videogames

El Botto2939d ago

for downloading as that other article claimed.

This game is absolutely fantastic. This PSP game trashes everything on available on the 360.

rockleex2939d ago

Peace Walker is where Kojima can take the series to wherever he wants again.

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yoghurt2940d ago

I don't buy many PSP games, but I am tempted by this - also want to give resistance retribution a try

jack_burt0n2940d ago

I have started buying more psp games, def pick up resistance, syphon filters, silent hill, chains of olympus some great titles.

blusoops2940d ago

I'm definitely getting this as i've been playing the demo for hours, trying to get those "S" ranks. But i also need to get Resistance retribution and syphon filters.

I have KZ liberation
Patapon 2 (Awesome)
Jean d'Arc

And the main reason i got the psp go in the first place was Valkyria Chronicles 2

kratos1232939d ago

i think i have the biggest collection of psp games out there soo ill help you a little
here is a game list with wich one to choose
patapon 2
persona (to get you steamed up fore persona 3 portable)
locoroco 2
patchwork heroes
also holy invasion of privacy 2is a must
we cant forget lunar star silver harmoney
kz:liberation is just great and a must the online is one of the best
and ofcourse jean de arc i looooveee that game
i have more but this list will keep you satisfiefd fore a long time

Dreassic2940d ago

Metal gear conquered? It got beat hands down by Dragon Quest Monster 2,a DS title.
Although PSP did get a salesboost from it, unlike DQW.

falcon07elensar2940d ago

Just pre-ordered this game today, can't wait to play it!

dredgewalker2940d ago

Im interested in this game but i sold off my psp and my daughter won't let me borrow hers!

B-Real2062940d ago

Ground her from the psp and "hold it" until she behaves or get A's in school.......or until she gets a job pays some damn bills! lol (all in good fun)

kvg882939d ago

"find" them, discuss it with mamma bear, take away her PSP and voila! Peace Walker is yours!!! lol Hey, its a cruel world, she has to learn the order of things some how lol

dredgewalker2939d ago

Maybe i should just do a covert operation in stealing her psp.....bad daddy!

badz1492939d ago

these are why you can't take parenting advice in N4G! LOL!

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The story is too old to be commented.