IGN: Lost Planet 2 PS3 Review

IGN writes: "In my Xbox 360 review, I mention that Lost Planet 2 is a beautiful title that really shows off the strengths of Capcom's MT Framework 2.0 engine. From familiar ice fields to jungles and cities and deserts, the world of EDN III is often a sight to behold. Unfortunately, the PS3 version of Lost Planet 2 suffers in comparison. The framerate experiences significant drops whenever the screen is busy, particularly in outdoor stages and during boss fights and hectic combat situations. Occasionally, the game will pause visually for several moments. This can have profound effects on the responsiveness of controls, and there were numerous points where I was nearly killed by an enemy waiting for the game to seemingly catch up with me".

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Brewski0072967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

Having read the hype surrounding this game, and having played the first, I gotta admit i'm surprised by this score a bit.. Was thinking it'd get a 7.5 at least. I think i'll rent this game first to see if its worth the buy.
With a 6.5 score its definately a "Try before you buy" kinda game for me.

Edit: Seems i read it wrong its a 6.0 score not a 6.5.... even worse :s

skynidas2967d ago

Its 5.5 score on the PS3.

rockleex2967d ago

But suddenly multiplats deserve different scores again depending on the quality of the port?

So do they not knock down points for the graphical problems that FFXIII faced on the 360?

If you're going to knock down points for frame drops or whatever, its only fair to knock down points for graphical problems as well.

So many double standards. So many picking and choosing. One thing matters in this review, but doesn't matter in another. Heck, they might as well just start picking numbers at random.

And do the framerates really bring this game down to a 5.5 score?

All I know is, IGN will lose whatever credibility they have left once the game comes out and its not as they say.

Rhythmattic2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )


Its definitely frustrating.

Either way, I have a PS3 & 360 and am not getting this game. Too many other good games coming...

siyrobbo2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

What i dont get, MT framework has been proven to work solidly on the PS3, there is no excuse for a sloppy port, just like there should no longer be excuses for sloppy of unreal engine 3 games (infact any game for that matter)

ProjectVulcan2966d ago

Indeed- Devil may cry 4 used MT framework. Little difference. Resident evil 5 was a reasonable effort on MT framework 2.0 for PS3. The differences were minor, and there wasnt a major problem with the framerate of the PS3 version. Resi 5 is what? Over a year old now on the consoles.

Its pretty clear that the talent in coding for PS3 varies between capcom's internal studios, leaving as expected the final crucial optimisations to each individual studio. The original Lost planet was an abysmal port onto PS3, and it certainly seems likely the same programmers worked on this too. Why dont capcom manage their resources internally better, and send the DMC/resi guys down to this chumps station to show him whats up?

Anyway as for even the 360 version, It doesnt seem like a huge step up from the original lost planet. Overall i feel it doesnt have the visual consistancy. Finally as for all the videos that have been seen, I wouldnt put it past capcom to have used some PC footage...

Inside_out2967d ago

I downloaded the demo with great expectations, sadly it all went away...I liked the first game...BUT it did have some frustrating game play problems, something that's not been fix....they have released some game play vids and its worse than the demo...strange collision detection problems and bad game play...

Seeing the different trailers and the amazing graphics in the trailers made me think I'll buy this day one...WHAT HAPPEN TO THE's nowhere near that level...Somebody is gonna get fired over this...check out the vids for yourself guys..I was shocked...yes, that bad...

They used Unreal 3 in the first game...they should of stayed with that...Gears 3 and bulletstorm at this point are looking amazing...Keeping my fingers crossed for those 2...

Reibooi2967d ago

They didn't use the unreal Engine in Lost Planet 1. It was the first version of the MT frame work engine. The engine has since been refined quite a bit and Lost Planet 2 runs on MT Framework 2.0.

Every game capcom has made this gen with few exceptions has been on a version of the MT framework engine. Dead Rising, Devil May Cry 4, Lost Planet and Resident Evil 5 as well.

Even Marvel Versus Capcom 3 is going to be using the engine. However they haven't said if it will be a upgraded 3.0 version or the same 2.0 that's running Lost Planet 2.

Lifendz2967d ago

It seemed like Capcom had a handle on the PS3. Oh well, too many good games coming out in May. Now I just have to debate getting Mod Nation, Red Dead, or finally picking up Demon's Souls.

Anon73492967d ago

You haven't even got Demon's Souls yet? Well if you've been playing games since the 8bit-32bit era and love that style of game I HIGHLY recommend getting Demon's Souls first, but if you like that you should probably get 3D Dot Game Heroes too.

If you're a casual, I don't recommend either of them at all...

Legosz2967d ago

If I were you I would pick up Red Dead and Mod Nation!

RedDevils2967d ago

I already handed out the cash to Red Dead :)

Theonik2966d ago

Getting Demon's Souls this June. That's when it's coming out in the EU.

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avengers19782967d ago

This is ridiculus EVERYONE from the game has said that it is the same game across both platforms...Besides that when they were developing the game they constantly talked about 360 limitations holding them back not PS3 limitations.
I'm tired of fanboy jounlist.

El Botto2967d ago

and I stopped listening to their fanboy shit over a year ago.

The 360 is standing on its last leg. It gets fewer and fewer games and its sales are declining year over year.

Thats why every last 360 game gets hyped like no tomorrow. No need to pay any heed to it, the market is not buying 360s because 360 is irrelevant.

Pumbli2967d ago

You can't spell ignorant without IGN.

MiloGarret2967d ago

Maybe you should play the game first. Based on the demo, the differences are huge, this is coming from someone who normally doesn't notice stuff like this but the differences in this case are clear as day.

simplyRealistic182967d ago

Guessing it didn't get the same score on the 360, which bring me back to how inconsistent these "Credible" (that's what you guys say) sites are, since they openly stated FF13 wasn't the same on both platform and yet get the same score

Silentmerc3nary2967d ago

That phrase was cool like 10 years ago when it first came about. Now it's just old.

Biggest2967d ago

You can't spell old without. . .

There is a big difference between FFXIII on the 360 and Lost Planet 2 on the PS3. They pointed out frame rate problems and screen freezes for Lost Planet 2. FFXIII was just ugly during cutscenes.

Homicide2967d ago

"Aye. IGN has really lost it. They aint credible anymore"

Yeah but they were credible when they gave Uncharted 2, MGS4 and God of War 3 high scores.

dragunrising2967d ago

Your opinion has no basis in reality. Consider the fact that your outraged over a .5 difference in review score and the frame rate is hideous. I'm not sure I understand your angst.

Also, it is completely ridiculous to say that 360 is on its last leg. Games such as Brink, Crysis 2 and Rage are all games that push what the 360 and gaming can do. There are plenty of games coming out for the 360 and saying otherwise is not only wrong but pointless.

You talk about the 360 like its going out of style. Since when? Millions of people have already participated in the Halo Reach beta. Battlefield Bad Company 2...hyped by the PS3 fans in particular...sold much better in comparison. Am I missing something here? You talk about the 360 has if its no longer a profitable and viable platform, but are plain wrong. Perhaps I'm just wasting my time trying to be rational... How about this...Activision future earnings predict PS3 selling 1 million more PS3's globally than 360 this year. OMG!? 360 MUST be failing...(sarcasm, if you didn't get it). Face...palm

More on topic: I'm pretty disappointed in Lost Planet 2 period. Capcom really dropped the ball. In all the previews of this game I was impressed by the graphics and gameplay. It would seem as though it needed a little more time in development and perhaps PS3 as lead platform.

Pumbli2967d ago

Silentmerc3nary - It's old and very true. Or like they say in my language; Aldrei er góð vísa of oft kveðin.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n2967d ago

"Aye. IGN has really lost it. They aint credible anymore

Yeah but they were credible when they gave Uncharted 2, MGS4 and God of War 3 high scores."

Rofl. Pretty much nailed it with that comment. As soon as a PS3 exclusive gets a good score IGN will be paraded around N4G with all the fanboys creaming themselves over the 9.5/10 review.

tripewire2967d ago

It is on its last legs. Even the 360 fanboys I know irl are selling their 360 and moving to the ps3. Its funny really.

ManGastaS2966d ago

I just sold my PS3 last week to buy an iPod and 6 games for my 360!

Games4M - Rob2966d ago

Quote "Also, it is completely ridiculous to say that 360 is on its last leg. Games such as Brink, Crysis 2 and Rage are all games that push what the 360 and gaming can do."

Its funny how that list is all from unreleased games, 3 months ago you would have had Metro 2033 and Alan Wake in that list but look what happened there - turns out they werent the graphics powerhouses that they were hyped to be.

Same could happen with all those (multiplatform) games you just mentioned so to use unreleased games as an example is kinda dumb.

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Shang-Long2967d ago

Games aren't equal so one version of the two gets a lower score... Gee I wonder what happened with FF13

Trey_4_life2967d ago

That's exactly what i was thinking, there is a huge difference between the ps3 and 360 version of FFXIII yet they didn't score down the 360 version, why is that? Perhaps IGN have started to employ EDGE employees?

baconbits692967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

That is Exactly what I thought. Their bias has been showing for awhile now... also lol at the hiring Edge employee comment!

MiloGarret2967d ago

Lazy? Seems strange yes.

pixelsword2967d ago

...the 360 version was the worse of the two. =/

Marquis_de_Sade2967d ago

Or perhaps it's because the 360 version of FFXIII performed as well as the PS3 version but it didn't look as good, whereas with Lost Planet 2, it freezes and skips regularly.

vhero2966d ago

IGN get "incentives" by companys like MS to not downscore games on there consoles this score just proves Sony doesn't use dirty tactics to get higher game scores. If the 360 version of FFXIII got a lower score from the big sites it would have hurt sales so MS decided to send an "incentive" there way to make sure everything was "fair".

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Blaze9292967d ago

LOL so IGN felt the need to do two reviews on this game but not for Final Fantasy XIII huh? hilarious.

And to Capcom, wtf? Are we back in 2006?

8thnightvolley2967d ago

they should be making shotty versions of the game in the age and time.. the ps3 has been out for quite some time wtf is this ... weird port

8thnightvolley2967d ago

after all that hype the game came out pretty bad on the design part.. but if anything that would save it its teh coop.. saw a review saying if u dont have humans playing u would be really frustrated coz the AI are really dumb.

zoks3102967d ago

Capcom obviously dropped the ball on the PS3 port, this will hurt the game bad, what a pity. Ill be getting 3DDGH and RDR, im skipping LP2, a 5.5 is not even worth a rent much less a purchase.

BiggCMan2967d ago

if u buy ur games based off of review scores, then thats just sad. play the demo first, then decide. because i believe the demo showed quite a bit of improvement over the first game. ign just scores games based on other games we have seen around the same time frame. had this game come out 3 years ago, it would have most likely recieved an 8 or so. because improvement is there, and the ps3 demo was fine, both of them.

sikbeta2967d ago


Sad, I wasn't expecting that score, I didn't have "faith" on the sequel either, but this score is

HolyOrangeCows2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

A below average game with a bad Ps3 port? Goodness! It's unheard of!

Hallmark Moment2967d ago

Makes you wonder if the scores for this game suffer a little more than they should because the game is inferior on PS3. Not surprised graphically advanced games show PS3 can not match the 360 time and time again. This is why some devs will gimp their games by default making PS3 as the lead because this way the 360's advantages will never give the developer a problem.

TheGreenMan2967d ago

Congratulations have officially written the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Thanks for the laughs!!

sikbeta2967d ago

lol, don't tell me you really believe that crap you wrote, Bwahahahahaha...

zane_78492967d ago

It's a little sad I have to ask myself if the game plays really that differently on PS3, or if it's just Arthur Gies and his inability to ever say anything good about the PS3. He is the reason I can't listen to Rebel.FM anymore.

He's fine of the Three Red Lights podcast, but given anything to talk about on the PS3 he can find nothing but faults.

EXAMPLE: When the subject of "games that would be important to play for this generation" came up and Uncharted 2 was mentioned. He said "I don't know how well Uncharted will be remembered."

He is always making little remarks like this, ugh...the guy really bugs me.

tplarkin72967d ago

For some reason, the Japanese developers enjoy contrived difficulty. No save points and constant failing health are not fun.

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skynidas2967d ago

According to reviews this game sucks on both platforms. I want to play it to decide by myself but I dont want to buy a game that may be shitty, there are too many great games out there, so I think I will pass on Lost Planet 2.

El Botto2967d ago ShowReplies(3)
yoshiro2967d ago

i kinda dont believe in this scores, the game looks awsome and after i played the demo, i think this one is a must buy for me. REVIEWS ARE JUST OPINIONS. GET YOUR OWN

WildArmed2967d ago

I really liked the demo and previous iteration.
But I'm beginning to doubt my pre-order. I think I'll give it a rent though.

RankFTW2967d ago

I'll still buy this title (no choice as it's already been posted) as it's quiite cheap in the uk, only like £28. Have a mate who's buying it too so no doubt we'll have some fun playing through the game on co-op and had alot of fun playing the new MP demo so will probably lose a few hours in that aswell.

Xwow20082967d ago

" Just do yourself a favor: buy some insurance for the controller you'll invariably throw across the room at one of Lost Planet 2's seemingly endless design and interface issues."
i lold when i read this :)