Call of Duty: Black Ops Trailer Analysis

Treyarch’s newest instalment in the Call of Duty franchise is Call of Duty: Black Ops. Penned for a November 11th release, the game is already causing much speculation as the first trailer debuted on April 30th.

The trailer depicts a point-of-view sequence taking place in a lab, with blurred lights and frantic head turning. What appears to be a date can be seen on a clock, placing the year as 2010. A voice is heard saying “And now wait a few moments, let him rest. This should help you remember everything.”

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Lightningz2991d ago

Nice article, can't wait to hear more about this game but i'm not gonna get my hopes up after the MW2 farce.

Exoil2991d ago

Remember that this game is being developed by Treyarch and not IW!
This hopefully means we're gonna have a more mature experience again!

Mr Brownstone742990d ago

ya i do think it will be more "mature" like World at War was especially since Vietnam is not a place most video games go

Inside_out2990d ago

The trailer looks INCREDIBLE...check out Gametrailers pop up break down of the trailer...Day one this November....

The_Count2990d ago

As it stands I will be going with Medal of Honor this winter. However I'll keep an open mind.

ah ah ah

Kingdom Come2991d ago

As I said on another post...The Modern Warfare series has left the Call of Duty franchise at a cross roads, it could go either way, continue with the financial success of the MW2, or go downhill. It's a shame really, because Black Op's is being slated by the public for the mistakes of Modern Warfare, when in fact, judging on the details, screens and video, it looks to be the most promising Call of Duty yet. I lost interest in the series before even Call of Duty 4 (Which I found ok, but nothing groundbreaking), I've always had respect for Treyarch's installments to the franchise, I dont know why, just have... Best of Luck Treyarch! Lets hope you can redeem the respect the franchise once had.

crazyturkey2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Treyarch always makes solid games. I don' know why people don't give credit to treyarch. I have said this before, I've had more fun with CoD 3 and [email protected] than with the Modern Warfare games.

ImmortalLegend2991d ago

After the whole MW2 situation, I'm not really excited for Black Ops. I will probably give it a month or two before I decide to purchase it. After being a huge fan of COD 4 I have been unimpressed ever since. I'm actually more interested in Halo Reach and Killzone 3, but that's just me.

duplissi2990d ago

yep, just add in anything made by DICE (MOH multiplayer) and i completely agree.

i might give treyarch another chance, after all WAW wasnt too bad- it was better than MW2

ImmortalLegend2990d ago

I can't believe I forgot about MOH lol...shame on me!

retrozoid2991d ago

I live treyarch games and will b interesting to see joe this game shapes up

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