Alan Wake’s Writer Talks Movies, TV Series and Graphic Novels

Talking at GameCity’s GameCityNights 3 late last month, Sam Lake, writer of Alan Wake and, before it, Max Payne, discussed his feelings about the game as a franchise, and revealed the fact that Remedy is looking to develop Alan Wake into a franchise that encapsulates multiple forms of media, rather than confining it to videogame products.

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knifefight2870d ago

What is this game about?

mjolliffe2870d ago

Please say you just missed out the sarcasm mark /s at the end of that comment :P

kevco332870d ago

Hmmm.. I'm not too sure about a movie here. Yeah, I liked the Bright Falls videos, but as they plan on making more games surely a movie would either have to fit into that timeline or simply retell the same story?

prettyboy12870d ago

max payne worked so well on the big screen

kevco332870d ago

I haven't actually seen the Max Payne movie... I take it it wasn't 'all that'.