Editorial: Is Sony Off Base With Move?

PSN Extreme thinks by now people are aware of their stance on the Wii, which they consider to be more of a gadget than a video game console. But they certainly understand that it has proven to be insanely popular - despite a major falling off in the past year or so - and it's all due to that motion sensing feature.

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yoghurt2849d ago

I can see the doubts, and I have never been big into motion control - unless somebody has had a wii and I get involved when I'm there. I think its the same with move, I may well pick it up just as an extra to have for those party nights

that said, I am interested in the more serious games, like the one with the flash light - it intrigues me to think of the kind of spooky game that could be created that gets you really involved

If it's reasonably priced I'll pick it up, but I'm not busting at the seems with excitement

-Alpha2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

I'm optimistic about MOVE, and like you said, the games like that flashlight one are looking like the reasons why you should buy it.

As long as the games are good then great news for me. As for pricing I am wondering that myself. I do hope there are some package deals. For example packing in Playstation Eye is not necessary for those that have it so they can make cheaper bundles.

The one problem I have is that the Navigator has no motion. I'm sure this was because of technical barriers, but it's disappointing because it means I can't dual wield in a Demon's Souls-like game.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

''The one problem I have is that the Navigator has no motion.''

If you mean the Sub Controller, I believe that controller have Sixaxis technology or the camera can detect the controller without a problem.

You can see the Ad from Kevin B

See that at 1:04, the guy trows a grenade with the Sub Controller moving the whole arm.

I believe you can also hold a shield without a problem, using the same mechanic. And not neccesary 2 Sphere Controllers.

-Alpha2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

See, I remember seeing that KB video and seeing that Socom 4 part. If SIXAXIS is in it then I'll be extremely happy. Seems to make sense too, but I'm still waiting for an official confirmation.

SIXAXIS would also work so much better on the Navigator than the DS3. Though, it'd still be nowhere near the Wand's motion, but it would at least be feasible.

livinwitbias2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

Suddenly motion controllers are no longer a gimmick, hmmm, now what could have caused that to happen?

Seems like all those that called the wii-mote and gimmick now has an angle or rationale as to why move isn't. When in all actualality they are the same thing. Move may be more accurate, etc. but overall they are the same thing. Strange how things change when it hits close to home isn't it?

Kratos Spartan2849d ago

Both the Move and the sub-controller use accelerometers, gyroscopes, and terrestrial magnetic sensors. Measuring speed of movement and angle at which you are holding the controller.

RageAgainstTheMShine2849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

and the writer is the one off base but the PlayStation Move is a very important part of PS3. Very very important and the PS3's longevity depends on it. The PSMove will comprise 50% of the PS3's life.

The PS3 has the 13 years & up department fully covered but it has been lacking in the 12 below department. The PS1 & PS2 had all departments well covered and had an answer to anything Nintendo churns out before. LBP, Ratchet & Clank are certainly not enough to lure Mario, Pokemon & Zelda lubbers from Wii.

LBP2 ModNation Racers, 3-D Dot are good signs for the younger gamers below gamers to consider the PS3 but I don't feel they are compelling enough. Even the PlayStion Move might not be enough either unless they come up with a killer app. What Sony needs is a killer app for the kids just like the Teens & Mature counter parts. A game that again will rival Mario like Sonic the Hedgehog and Crash Bandicoot proportions with or with out the PlayStation Move.

Nintendo always had these games for the younger audience as their life blood and cash cow. Sony should do the same with its own first party exclusives. Until that happens, Nintendo will dominate the younger games, family, party games & hand held market.

I know Sony has already made its point that video game consoles are not just kid's toys but also for grown up's entertainment. Which is very good but Sony should never forget that as long as there are kids there will always be a need for games for the young.

I wish the PlayStation Move all the success for the PS3.

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Montrealien2849d ago

it is what it is, a better version of the nintendo Wii. You are either interested in it or not. Myself, I am interested in it, I enjoyed the Wii for a while and I liked playing shooters on it. I have high hopes for solid PS3 shooters using the move.

sikbeta2849d ago

The really Important thing About PS-Move is that as far as I saw on so many videos, is trying to Cater Every kind of Gamer:

Family-fun = Move Party
Sport = Archery + Ping-Pong
Fighting = That Sword+Shield Game + Motion Fighters
Casual Shooter = "The Shoot"
IDK = Eyepet [lol]
Hardcore Games = SOCOM4
Minority Report by PS-Move

And that's a Great thing, cuz with the PS-Move everyone will have a Variety of Games and Genres to choose and not just Shovelware crap and Such, so WIN+WIN situation for all of us...

IdleLeeSiuLung2849d ago

With Sony's history on accessories, I would think they should just not bother. However, I'm cautiously optimistic because a lot of what is coming to PS Move is already on the Wii and the price tag is high!

With that said, I hope somebody releases a fantastic RTS on console and the PS Move would seem like it could do the job. I will wait to see if there are any games worth buying the thing for as well as hoping for a price drop.

k2802849d ago

History with sony's accessories???????

commodore642849d ago

gotta agree with you there, Idleleesiulung

Sony doesn't have a successful track record with accessories.
We only need to consider the eyetoy failure as evidence, in this case.

I am thinking that, conceptually, the 'move' should succeed like the wiimote did. The problem stems from the fact that it is an add-on that consumers will once again have to fork money out for.

Ultimately, the cost will be:
PS3 console + Move +camera.

Honestly, I fail to see how millions of gamers will want to splurge to that extent, especially when the demographic already has a wii.

Maybe I'm wrong.

Bigpappy2849d ago

It is game related and functional. The competition have their own motion tech and there is plenty of hype in the media and a mound perspective customers. Of course there are people who hate the idea, and will be very vocal against it. But keep in mind that there is no product that everybody wants. Those who don't want it are not being forced to buy it. Some people are arrogant, and think that if they don't then it should not be available for anyone. I have no problem with people being negative, but call in a gaming device off base for a gaming system is a stupid statement.

DA_SHREDDER2849d ago

The only doubt that I have is Sony not implementing a second analog stick on the Move. Nintendo has one on their motion control and it works perfectly when playing Spiderman Web of Shadows. I cant imagine using the move and not having to turn the camera fps style. Thats retarded. Im not sold on this for hardcore gaming yet. The second analong is all the PSmove is missing.

duplissi2849d ago

uh, yep somebody isnt up on the latest, move does have a nunchuk like controller with an analog stick

SuperM2849d ago

Ever heard of expanding the market? How can you expand the market of your console if all you do is make games for the people who already own it? Sony is and has always been a company with diversity in mind. Diversity so that everyone get something for their own taste.

Also people need to stop thinking about the move as if its just like the wii motion controller. Its not. It can do alot of stuff the wii mote cant. Most importantly that its true 1:1 motion control. What alot of people was expecting from the wii but turned out it wasnt possible because of limitations in the wiimote is possible with the move. For example you can finally have that true 1:1 sword fighting/jedi game you've always dreamed off. (that is if someone bothers to make it)

I also dont see why average PS3 owners wont want a PS move. Im a hardcore gamer but i can still enjoy more casual titles and i cant wait to try the table tennis game. If you enjoy tennis games on the wii you'll love it with the move controller. If you dont enjoy it on the wii, chances are you still might enjoy it with the move, because it enhances the gameplay so much.

Besides we know sony will support this with core titles aswell. And many games will use the move as an optional control which means that if you really dont like the move then its just as simple as not using it. Dont see how you can look at it as a negative. After all, developers like Naughty Dog, Guerrilla, Santa Monica, Sucker Punch etc etc are not gonna stop making games for the hardcore gamer. The developers who make casual games for the move are the same developers that has always been making casual games. Noone is going to lose on this. Its really just a win win situation.

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Joule2849d ago

No, already more accurate than the Wii and some games are still in alpha. So the way I see it is no.

unrealgamer582849d ago

As long as motion control Is an option and It doesn't bring down the quality of games then I couldn't care less

Zerodin2849d ago

It's also a complete backpedal.
Hey Sony, I thought motion controls weren't worth your time.

-Alpha2849d ago

How is it a backpedal?

There are bound to be unique Move titles that push new and never-before played gameplay experiences.

dc12849d ago (Edited 2849d ago )

I appreciate your attempt here...
The impotent thing to note with the Move is that its extremely precise and has depth perception - So. I think it has something to offer thats not currently on the market today.
Additionally, much like the sixaxis controls options- I'm sure move integration will be optional.


Sony has been developing the motion controller before the year 2000.

Why you said things when you know you are wrong?

Boody-Bandit2849d ago

any chance you will re implement the open zone so we don't have to endure post from members like Zerodin?

Seriously. This place has been set back nearly 3 years with the removal of split zones. Zerodin I would respond directly to you but wasting time is not high on my list of priorities.

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dredgewalker2849d ago

Everything will depend on the games it comes with, the same with consoles. If it can be implemented well in AAA games then its not just gonna be a gimick.

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