Nintendo CEO: battle with Sony is over, Apple is the 'enemy of the future'

Backing away from a previous position, are we Nintendo? Just a month after Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime claimed that the iPhone OS (you know, that operating system used on the iPod touch, iPhone family and the iPad) wasn't a "viable profit platform for game development," along comes the company's president to say that, in fact, Apple is the primary "enemy of the future."

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Icyhot2724d ago

Both of these companies pull out nothing but stupid casual shovel ware games.. It will be a sad time if either of them again come out on top the next generation.

ManGastaS2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

Apple does not make games!
This war is all about platforms

SonySoldiers2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

in total hardware salez

mikeslemonade2724d ago

This is why Nintendo Wii shouldn't be considered in the three head console race. It's a console in this generation but it's not in direct competition against PS3 and 360.

IdleLeeSiuLung2724d ago

nah, the Wii isn't competition, it just steals some customers away from PS3 and Xbox 360....

RememberThe3572724d ago

Anyone who would buy a Wii over a 360 or a PS3 probably would buy a 360 or PS3 in the first place. Games that sell well on the Wii don't sell well on the other consoles and vice versa. They are just different demographics.

IdleLeeSiuLung2723d ago

They might be different demographics, but it still a lost sale.

If the Wii was around when the PS2 was released, do you think the PS2 still would dominate the market?

That is why the Wii is competing with the 360/PS3. That different Wii demographic would have bought a PS3/Xbox 360 if the Wii wasn't around!!!

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Barbapapa2724d ago

nintendo obviously has a big pile of cash from selling handhelds and WIIs. what could they be planning

Kratos Spartan2724d ago

if they consider Apple the new enemy, then they're planning big piles of crap.

Rainstorm812724d ago

Nintendo is a video game company, Apple makes multimedia products.

Maybe nintendo should worry about making the best games first, but looking at apple and nintendo it must not be about the games.

asdr3wsfas2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

You are playing with semantics in an area Apple has entered before. From wikipedia:

"The Pippin...was a multimedia platform designed by Apple Inc...The goal was to create an inexpensive computer aimed mostly at playing CD-based ***multimedia titles, especially games***, but also functioning as a network computer. It featured a 4× CD-ROM drive and a video output that could connect to a standard television display."

ChickeyCantor2724d ago

" It's a console in this generation but it's not in direct competition against PS3 and 360."

Dream on dude.
If thats the case MS and Sony would not even begin with the motion hardware.
Wiis library is not only made out of mini games and crapware.

CimmerianDrake2724d ago

95% of the Wii's library is mini games and crapware. And the Wii's best rated or best sold games are only so because of brand recognition (Mario games) or being bundled (Wii Sports). So yeah, big competition there. *rolls eyes*

eagle212724d ago

@cimmerian Drake

Is that your new excuse why Nintendo sells the most and has some of the highest rated exclusives this generation? Sad man. Wii Sports is not the only game that sells on Wii. I should go down the line but that would be a waste of good sense.

radphil2724d ago

A majority of it is though. It's a shame you actually have to wade through to crap to find the gems, such as Madworld, No More Heroes, Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, RE games, Dead Space games, etc.

CimmerianDrake2724d ago

an excuse is used to cover up a falsehood. what i said isn't false. the wii doesn't sell because of quality, that's pure truth and you know it. it sells because it's cheap and easy, which Nintendo has experience with given they used to own a love hotel in japan. and it has one of the highest rated exclusives, Super Mario Galaxy. While I concede that it is the highest rated game this gen, it is also the first Mario game released for the Wii at the start of this gen and wouldn't hold up if re-reviewed against games currently on the market.

Nintendo's games don't really evolve. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is almost a carbon copy of New Super Mario Bros. for the DS. So how can you say that a game that's basically an upgraded rehash is quality? it sold 16+ million, but not because of quality. it's because it's mario. Nintendo will always succeed thanks to nostalgia, and that's about it.

I liken the Wii's software library to that of Atari's. Too bad we can't bury those games in a desert somewhere.

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El Botto2724d ago

Ouch, but the Nintendo guy speaks the truth.

His competition has always been with Sony.
The 360 is highly irrelevant.

orange-skittle2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

That wasn't his point you idiot. Nintendo has never been a threat to either Sony or Microsoft. The battle was between those 2 consoles. The Wii is not even considered a true gaming console. It's a novelty/party machine just like iPHONE apps and mini games. I don't know if you noticed, but PS3 still can't catch up to 360 sales. When they pass the 360 in sales...lemme know. I have no loyalty to any console, but I do know you're idiot.

maka2724d ago

I agree with kenrocc you seem very mad for someone who says you dont have any loyalty to any console,lol, but the Wii is a next gen console Nintendos previous console was the n64 and the Wii is no#1 on the next gen consoles. it is very interesting that Nintendo and Sony dont consider the Xbox a threat, maybe they know something we dont.

sikbeta2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

lol Mega-high Horse-douchery

Nintendo think that won just cuz unsatisfied wifes and old people buy wii-Consoles, they need to know something, [Gamers Support Gaming], when the families that bought a wii get bored of it, they'll Never Come back to "gaming" on the Next N-Console

At least Apple has Zealots that will buy any piece of gimmicky-plastic any day, after the wii, there is not gonna be a Mass of people jumping into the next N-Console, say Thanks cuz there are [STILL] people that Support your Games and Consoles FOR REAL and will be there Supporting Nintendo stuff when They [N] realize that the wii was a Success just for motion-control and that's IT, Gaming is Evolving and Nintendo is thinking about Apple while stay with the same Franchises and Never think to Expand More, to Offer More, to Cater More people, like other GAMING Companies are Doing...

N4g_null2724d ago

PC games are games, Sd games are games what you are trying to say if it's not a SONY studio game it won't be supported? If it's not halo or COD it won't be supported? Those are the only games HD gamers support. On top of this you call apple fans zealots but can not see how you are a hypocritical in saying that.

Nintendo has the only source of 2d releases of old franchise and one mario 5 represents nintendo getting back on track to cater to the hardcore gamers that sony left behind.

What is wrong with unsatisfied wiifes and old people playing these games, if these people got mario 5 or mario kart or even smash bros I would call them gamers too. You could easily say HD gaming is for broke grown men that can not afford a real PC. Since only PC games are selling on the HD console. Mostly PC studios are making the big hits on that platform also.

sikbeta2724d ago

1·I was wrong when I said Zealots, my bad, but after the Giant-I-Pod, don't know what to think, Sorry...

2·My point is that Apple has a REAL "Fanbase" whereas Nintendo in this Gen got Families that are out of The Gaming "Community", people that wanted to play with that motion-device + the N-fanbase, wii was something popular and as always with everything popular, there is going to be something new that will replace it and when that happen, N will need to Concentrate on It's REAL Fanbase and try to Gain Market-share trying to cater every kind of gamer like Every Company does Always, so there is not War-Over...

3·"What is wrong with unsatisfied wiifes and old people playing these games, if these people got mario 5 or mario kart or even smash bros I would call them gamers too"

It's OK with that, but they're not the kind of Gamer that will Always Support Gaming, IF casuals know only about the Games they see on TV, this people after some period of time will don't give a Damn about Gaming or still be playing the same games...

4·"You could easily say HD gaming is for broke grown men that can not afford a real PC"

I'm supporting the PS3 for the Games I can play on that Console, I don't want to wait 3/4/5 years to Run an Emulator in order to play those games, PC can have "da most powaarful Graphics Evaar" and that's Great, but it doesn't have some games I want to play, The Same Goes with Nintendo, Why the hell I'll want a Monster-PC, IF I can't play SSBM, hell even emulate SSB...

NexGen2724d ago


Calling it a giant ipod is short-sighted. I admit it is a niche product, but it is the first apple product I bought. Compared to my GF's itouch, there is quite a difference. I find the ipad to be a capable computing device which has replaced my netbook for almost every situation. It is immensely more convenient and powerful than my netbook, and can literally do just about everything as a netbook. The touch can't.

While it is a niche product for those too lazy to lug a netbook, the device is worth a look. In terms of gaming, I'm not sure as the app store is loaded full of crap mini "wii-like" shovelware.

In terms of computing though, it does a heck of a lot more than an ipod/touch. Again, this is my first apple product and I'm pleased with it.

zoks3102724d ago

But lets face it, Nintendo did a petty good job this gen letting the world know that they are still and very much so a relevant publisher and console manufacture.
I believe (and i could be wrong) that the Wii got lucky, the DS on the other hand was pure genius, but the Wii was a shot in the dark while blind folded and drunk. Sony made so many mistakes this gen that they pretty much handed dominance over to Nintendo, and Nintendo took advantage of it as well as Microsoft.

It is however silly to turn around and say certain competition is no longer relevant. Lets use history as a lesson here and have a look at Sony. Sony dominated the games industry for 2 gens straight and look at what is happening to Sony now, also when Sony was at the top they also made comical comments like this.

Bottom line, Nintendo you slept on Sony before and they made you pay for that mistake for 12 years straight, Sony will crush you guys again because they are still a very capable company and they know how to play this game.

duplissi2724d ago

"Bottom line, Nintendo you slept on Sony before and they made you pay for that mistake for 12 years straight, Sony will crush you guys again because they are still a very capable company and they know how to play this game."

i completely agree. the last thing either microsoft or nintendo can do is underestimate sony.

kratos1232724d ago

i totally agree with mike i think some people really see it more as a toy then a game console no (to the people with a wii i dont mean any dis respect but its the cold truth ) sometimes it will get a nice game or two but most of the time its games like petz or wii walk i just cant take that serieusly


Good thing I have my PC to play Wii Games.

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SpoonyRedMage2724d ago

Has Yamauchi finaly realised his plan for eternal life by transferring his mind into Iwata's body?

This definitely doesn't seem like something Iwata would say.

asdr3wsfas2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

He told some employees to regard the battle as over with Sony and focus on Apple. It's subtle but you can sense he was tired of hearing about the ps3 when they have a good sense how Sony thinks (add more power, add better tech, cutting edge graphics, etcetc). He knows Apple is the wildcard and is telling his employees to focus on them and anticipate Apple disrupting the DS/wii.

If everyone gets in the mobile web through Apple millions of people already have access to a potential gaming platform. That's exactly how itunes worked with the ipod - the hardware created a platform for Apple music sales. Apple didn't have to fight the record companies because the music industry didn't realize the threat of the itunes marketplace until the ipod had sold millions.

The online gaming market is huge, like 100 million plus. The guy who made Dishwaher for xbox initially started there making flash games and earned a decent amount. If Apple beats Nintendo to this market it will hurt Nintendo profits. Why get a DS if you can live with less and already have a mobile web device from Apple?

Every person playing a flash or online game is a customer Nintendo is fighting for. That is the essence of blue ocean strategy.

You know he got sick of people talking about Sony at every meeting when he's fought them for years. He's worried about Apple doing to the DS or wii what those systems did to Sony or MS.

b-real2722d ago

Nice to see that intelligent people do post on these forums from time to time....

N4g_null2724d ago

SpoonyREDMAGE and oobob today a monster was killed. His name was Media format adoption. His friends where FMV and QTE and his new creation was Blu ray LOL.

Face it if SONY does not have a got to have it media format then they are dead in the water. People did not buy a PS1 or 2 for the games and not for the first party titles. Basically CD and DVD adoption artificially gave SONY the edge the last two gens. They no longer have this edge any more. Blu ray beat HD dvd but no one is give up DVD players yet. SONYs exculsives only cater to old fans mostly.

What nintendo is fighting is the next format war SONY has already lost that war also with the PSPgo yet apple can sell $600- $700 platforms with online service bill included with a commitment LOL. Hell even I have an Iphone and if the Ipad had waccom tablet like capabilities I would have one of those to go with my waccom monitor.

Apple could easily reposition them selves with a console PC much like the old pippen or better yet a HD console that is just and old laptop form factor. Nvidia and AMDati are very serious about multicore GPU-CPU hybrids. Suddenly apple would have a fanbase that buys music movies and low end games yet be able to then offer high end games similar to steam by way of the App store.

While MS is playing in the HD console game apple is about to eat their pie with a move like this. With out true gaming on the windows platform MS becomes an IBM looking to find relevance.

Apple is very hard to predict yet they are dangerous much in the same way sony was with the optical disk crave that has ended for them.

Remember Nintendo is a publisher also. They build platforms so they can prosper yet just like how they make games for every one they also want to make platforms for every developer. HD gaming only has like 10 real developers that actually sell lots of games.

duplissi2724d ago

umm actually people are adopting blu ray faster than dvd was......

Doc Sony2724d ago

Consumers don't care about your dumb battle you moron !

Were are the f*cking games ?

tigertron2724d ago

The battle already won with Sony? talk about arrogance.

Mista T2724d ago

I agree. did he forget that last gen he barely scratched over 20 million with the gamecube and the ps2 sold over 140 million units?

karma is a *****

piroh2724d ago

don't forget you were the last previous two generations

ChickeyCantor2724d ago

And yet they made like no loss on anything sold.
XD So your point being what exactly?

From a business point of view Big-N was doing fine last generation.

piroh2724d ago

PS3 - 35 millions
Wii - 70 millions

PS2 - 136 millions
Game Cube - 21 millions

PS1 - around 120 millions
N64 - around 20 millions

anyway, Nintendo is tergeting mainly children audience, i don't need their games

ChickeyCantor2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

Im talking about profits.
Sony sold their console at a loss.
While the gcn per unit sold did not.

So even if they were last, doesn't look like they were drowning in loss per unit sold.

While you say: " don't forget you were the last previous two generations"

They are still standing aren't they?
Your numbers don't mean anything apparently.

CimmerianDrake2724d ago

You really are a Nintendo defender aren't you? Always spinning something in their favor. *sigh*

piroh2724d ago

Nintendo profits
- Wii (mainly HW)
- DS

Sony profits
- PS3 (mainly SW)
- PS2
- SonyEricsson division
- Blu-ray players
- Sony Pictures Entertainment
- Sony Music
- Memory sticks...

Nintendo is doing well but certainly not as good as Sony

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eagle212724d ago

DS is at 130 million. I think they said they will sell 30 million more this year. 160 million will be the best sold anything related to gaming. And we all know Game Boy sold over 100 million during those years of PS1 and PS2, so to say anything against the money Nintendo made is false.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

Profits from Sony

Home Cinema
DVD & Blu-ray Disc
Hi-Fi Systems
Hi-Fi separates
Made for iPod
Radios, clock radios and DAB

Hi-Fi and Home entertainment

Cameras and camcorders
Compact Cameras
Digital SLR Cameras
bloggie cameras
Photo frames & printers

Portable Audio
WALKMAN MP3 & MP4 video
Personal CD, MD & tape
Portable CD & tape radios
Voice Recorders
Portable Radio
Made for iPod

Car audio
Head units
In-car multimedia
Speakers & subwoofers
Marine audio
Bluetooth Stereo product

VAIO and Computing
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