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The latest GamesTM review scores include Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake, Lost Planet 2, and much more.

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Valay2873d ago

The only reviews for Red Dead Redemption I've seen so far is this one and Game Informer's. So I guess it's only received a 9.72 and a 9 (unless there are other reviews I haven't seen). Also, glad to see Cave Story getting a good score. That game deserves a lot of attention - It's really good.

The_Count2873d ago

I am counting the days until I get my hands on Red Dead Redemprion

Valay2873d ago

Whoops. Just realized I said 9.72. Meant 9.75.

Trey_4_life2872d ago

With the red dead review even though i have no right to be due to me not yet playing. Pre-ordered this bad boy a month ago and can't wait to get my greasy mitts on it.

mjolliffe2873d ago

I couldn't be more hyped for Red Dead :D

divideby02873d ago

RDR is gonna be a MP fun fest...this game reaks of Value...
AW is now a confirmed rental for me, it was a must buy...another game which just shows that any game in development for so long just does not turn out like we all expect..this follows so many other games which have been in extended development
and again,, what the heck was MS thinking releasing AW so close or on with RDR...stupid...if it were released last month it would def. sold better

giovonni2873d ago

sold better? Its not even out yet to even judge. Look I've been through the Hype train before. A lot of these so called games that get nine and 10s really don't deserve it. You guys recall a game by the name of Grand Theft Auto Four, how about Halo 3, Super Mario Galaxy?
What I'm trying to say is when it comes to reviews I don't trust a motherf%^&er. Its cool to be excited about a game, but lets not get carried away with all this predicting stuff

Myze2872d ago

Super Mario Galaxy deserved all the scores it got. GTA4, definitely did not, and Halo 3, is a little on the iffy side (definitely not a 10, but maybe 9 for multiplayer).

I do agree that reviews aren't a great way to determine interest in a game. There are exceptions, of course. I would never buy a game that got average scores below 50%. Although, that being said, I've never been interested in a game 60-50% or lower before, anyway. Any game that gets all 90-100% I will at least look into, even if it's hyped all to hell, just because I would want to make up my own mind of if the game deserved it or not. It's when games are in the 75-85% range that I only bother when I had interest in the first place. Can't go around buying every game that's released.

On topic here, I do agree it's kind of silly to talk about sales for two games that have yet to release any sales data or even be released. Although, even four to five months from now, if I have played and enjoyed AW more than RDR (or vice versa), I still won't care about which one sold more. I expect both games to be good, with RDR having more replay value (obviously, having multiplayer).

GiantEnemyCrab2873d ago

Like we all expect?

You obviously let the internet decide what games you buy.

I just got AW and it's great and it is meeting my expectations just fine. The game has gotten plenty of 9's and even a couple 10's but you latch on to the "low" scores and even then when was an 8 not a good score?

No doubt I'm looking forward to RDR as well but you make it sound like AW is some let down when it is not.

skynidas2873d ago

Nice score for Red Dead Redemption. I wonder when the websites will post their online reviews.

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