Demon's Souls Exclusive UK Trailer

Demon's Souls is coming to the UK! See what you've been missing out on in this exclusive new trailer.

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ClownBelt2965d ago

Gametrailers 9.2/10

WTF? They gave it 8.9/10

Anyways, the one Atlus made is FAR superior than this one sorry.

N4GAddict2965d ago

Yeah, GT gave it a 8.9.

Ocelot5252965d ago

can you at least elaborate why atlus demon's souls is "FAR superior" than the the euro version?

I fail to find announcements on the interweb that the euro demon's souls is inferior to the NA one

Yi-Long2965d ago

What's the difference between the Euro version and the Atlus version? Why do we europeans get an 'inferiour' product?

Not sure if this game is for me. I still have Oblivion and FallOut 3 to play. Will probably wait till this game hits the bargainbins before I'll pick it up, which shouldn't take too long, seeing as hardly anyone knows about this game.

DongHungLong2965d ago

Its the same game. I suppose hes talking about the trailer. Regardless this game should be a day 1 buy for anyone who enjoys great gaming.

PirateThom2965d ago

I wouldn't wait too long, with hardly anyone knowing about it, they may be limited run and, like Valkyria Chronicles, stop being printed and become more expensive.

Brewski0072965d ago

Dunno why you'd say one version is better than the other. Is there any evidence of this or is it just your opinion?
Anyways I think i'll buy this day 1.. I have been looking at how high it scored and i'm shocked and excited at the same time that its FINALY coming to europe.
I personaly cannot wait !! :)

BannedForNineYears2965d ago

Yeah guys, you misunderstood what Clown Belt meant.
The trailer Atlus made was better.
Mixing CGI+Actual gameplay = fail.

Man, I swear I'm addicted to Demon's Souls, whenever I see something regarding it I'm like, "OMG MUST PLEH NAOWZ".
Oh and btw, NA box art is better. -_-

ClownBelt2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

I'm talking about the trailer duh...

People are so stupid in this site. sigh


GOTY by Gamespot. Along with Uncharted 2.

JoySticksFTW2965d ago

I don't know if they will be, but it'll be really cool to have new friends to help / hunt

blahblah2964d ago

I'm from EU and already have CHINESSE and NA version. I'm buying EU release only if it runs on EU servers where only EU can connect.

Not to be racist or anything. 99% of the game is multiplayer for me. Asian servers already slightly lag in 20-30% and really lag in 5%. which is way too much. So I tried NA release and lag up there is even more immense (australians and their lag make their toll). Double backstabs (not once on asian servers), front backstabs are also too common thing there (happens maybe 1/20 games on asian). Getting hit trough DSS shield like you didn't put it up happens in 30-40%. I have a lot of NA friends, but game that lags is worster than no game at all. I shelved my NA version after 1 week since it is more or less unplayable against asian.

Sorry, but the only way EU release can be good is to have dedicated EU servers. If that is so then I'll own 3 releases and I'm more than prepared to do that if it means more chance for DS2.

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hellgate122965d ago

yeah I don't remember Game Trailers giving this a 9.2/10, it was 8.9 like you said ... that's some questionable advertising there lol.

Still looks like a great game anyway

IrishAssa2965d ago

got this like a year ago. They wasyed too much time in briging it to europe. Atleast its still a unique game

mal_tez922965d ago

I had to import Demon's Souls from the US because there STILL no release date set for Australia.

MagicAccent2965d ago

I can't wait to get my hands on the 'Black Edition'.
It's been a long, long wait. But im sure it was worth it.

Demons Souls2965d ago

Sorry it took so long. I was busy pwnin n00bs.

Inferno2965d ago

Good dragon, have some bubbles.

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