Full blowout of LittleBigPlanet 2 scheduled for Monday

According to Media Molecule, the full blowout reveal for LittleBigPlanet 2 is scheduled for this coming Monday.

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unrealgamer582968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Why sony?

This would have been awesome if this was kept in the dark until e3, I have a theory that maybe sonys trying to misdirect attention from other bigger announcements. ( I know its out there)

mjolliffe2968d ago

I'd love it if it were true :)

The_Count2968d ago

I am counting down the hours!!

ah ah ah

Theonik2968d ago

With both Sony and MS announcing so big things before E3 one can only help to wonder: "For Sony to reveal Lbp2 and MS Gears 3 early what is left for E3?" The answer? They must be making space for even greater announcements of course i might be wrong and they might just be making showtime for Move and Natal in which case i will be most likely disappointed. I am very excited about E3.

PirateThom2968d ago

I have a feeling E3 is going to be a big casual motion control fest, even though the casual gaming element doesn't even watch E3/know it exists.

I'm hoping it's not that and it's because Microsoft and Sony have something even more epic to show, so have to unveil some things a little earlier.... but this is wishful thinking.

Theonik2968d ago

Same. I am trying to be positive about this. But that way it is very likely that i get disappointed. At least i would hope they try to pitch the hardcore aspect of their motion controls.
(off-topic, i really hate having just 3 bubbles)

SuperM2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Pss thats bullshit. Ofcourse Sony is going to have games to show. We know they have many games in the pipeline, why would they not show some of them at E3? We know R3 is coming. We know KZ3 is coming. We know Infamous 2 is coming. We know Motorstorm 3 is coming. Surely some of these games will be shown. And other games might be on the way aswell, like Starhawk and Syphon filter PS3. We know they wont show off Twisted Metal yet, but that makes sense since they have so much other stuff they can show.

I think its obvious why they show LBP2 before E3. Its because they have so much to show if they show it all at the same time each product wont get the same attention.

Even if they dont announce any new game at E3 its still going to be exciting to see Socom 4, The Last Guardian, GT5, LBP2 and last but not least Agent. But you can be sure there will be a couple of new games there aswell. MS3 is a given and so is R3 i think. Exciting times indeed.

yoshiro2968d ago

i dont know, the other titles have to be huge to beat this one
have you imagined, the quantity of games that LBP2 can offer?this game its pure genious, cant wait to see more ^^
and i really hope you'r right, i dont know why but i think sony is gonna give us the better E3 ever!

Theonik2968d ago

Yeah, that's why the alternative is that they want to make a show about move. But i'd rather think they want to announce more great games than making a show about move. I would be very disappointed if that were the case.

SuperM2968d ago

They will definately show alot of Move. But its gonna be both casual and core titles. Im guessing R3 will have move support. I think they'll strike a good balance between casual and core. Besides casual can be fun aswell. Looking forward to table tennis with the move controller. Looks like alot of fun.

sikbeta2968d ago

Sony will bring More Stuff about LBP2 @ E3, maybe this E3 it'll as big and Better than E309, something tells me that Sony has too much to Show...

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Barbapapa2968d ago

probably the psm exclusive??? or not

Bobbykotickrulesz2968d ago

Excellent excellent...

Just as I planned.. MWahahahaha!

Wait.. What in the hell am I talking about?

Akagi2968d ago

I'll blow out in more ways than one if you catch my drift.

Big Boss Extreme2968d ago

Hopefully in the next LBP they have abe odyssey skins. that would be epic
thats good for them releasing news

blizzard_cool2968d ago

When I hear the news of LBP2 roll in
I jizz in my pants!

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