Atelier Rorona slips to Fall

NIS America’s Nao Zook revealed that the release window for the Playstation 3 exclusive RPG, Atelier Rorona has slipped into the fall season.

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N4GAddict2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Japan is getting part 2 before we get the first game.

mjolliffe2942d ago

Happens a lot these days though :/

Foxgod2941d ago

Thats wh7y i dislike sony.
Totally no respect for western gamers.

PirateThom2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

Sony aren't publishing this and have no say in their development/release.

You could argue White Knight Chronicles, but every other Sony published PS3 game seems to get worldwide release.... not to mention, the majority of their games are Western games aimed at a western audience... hell, the biggest complaint against Sony has been SCEJ's minimal output for PS3.

Barbapapa2942d ago

millions apon millions of damage!!!

Redempteur2941d ago

i'm already getting ready to make a warm sorbet that's recover your HP while making you sick in the process
(one of the reason i love atelier games , you can pretty much do whatever you want while crafting the items)

SpaceSquirrel2942d ago

I hope it won't get lost in the shuffle due to the big fall releases.

Foxgod2941d ago

Come on NIS, bring this to the 360, its the only ps3 series i want to play.

Stealth20k2941d ago Show
paradigmfellow2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

wow you are funny. They have not made a single 360 game ever.

zatrox2941d ago

That sucks for you, but sadly Gust won't port it to the 360.
They're pretty much Sony fanboys

Infernostew2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

It's not that they're Sony fanboys but that they know where their core audience is and that's on Sony platforms. I mean why would a company put a niche game on a console that doesn't sell in their home territory and where their target market doesn't lie.... oh wait... where have I seen that before...?

-MD-2941d ago

Why would Bungie develop for the PS3 when their entire audience is on the xbox? Money.


zatrox2941d ago

Murderdolls, if you're saying Sony paid for you're pretty wrong. It's a 3rd party exclusive, heck SCEJ didn't even helped making the game. It's just than Gust does two things:
They don't care about western market.
They're like NIS, only develop for Eastern consoles. (Patriotism?)
So if they saw the 360 is bigger here in the US, they couldn't care less. They aimed for the japanese market, and after that it's just extra money for them.

Infernostew2941d ago

Murderdolls, your statement fails when comparing a niche market vs a broad market. Gust develope niche rpgs that wouldn't benefit the costs of making it multiplatform. On the other hand, Bungie's games have a wide appeal and with the increasing number of PS3s in the US it would make a lot of sense for them to broaden their audience. I mean even though bungie has a big audience on the 360, they will sell a ton of games to ps3 owners as well. The same can't be said for a game like Atelier Rorona. So while it does indeed all come down to money, there is a big difference between the two games you are trying to draw comparison to.

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hatchimatchi2941d ago

This game looks cool, the japanese version is at a local game shop near me but I haven't bought it because I'm pretty sure there is no english option. If I'm wrong please inform me so I can go buy this game, ha.

paradigmfellow2941d ago (Edited 2941d ago )

what city do you live in? Just wondering because I have been trying to find a local game shop with imports here in Miami

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