Nintendo: Make These Games Now

Top Tier Tactics: All right, Nintendo. You've had your fun. You got to bilk Zelda fans with a Gamecube port. You managed to cobble together a sequel to Super Mario Galaxy with leftover code from the original. Hell, you managed to turn Metroid into an emo Ninja Gaiden blast-o-thon.

And while I'm not saying these games are bad (quite the contrary, as all three are/were/appear to be fantastic), it seems like the primo developer from the Land of the Rising Stock Value has, in its success, overlooked several opportunities to give its fans a reason to buy new pants.

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Valay2969d ago

I don't see Nintendo making a Pokemon MMO, even if people would buy it.

FishCake9T42969d ago
Just a little vid would like to share with you guys. Star Fox wii please.

Myst2969d ago

My friend and I have always talked about why there isn't a Pokemon MMO, Nintendo would make so much money and I might even play it. Haven't been on the pokemon scene for a while so this would surely make me look. Also Star Fox is a good choice as well, but I'd add in F-Zero for good measure. 16 player online quests [maybe more?] Four player split-screen and four play split-screen online maybe?