SCEA Working on New Zombie Game

Sony Computer Entertainment America is filming a trailer for a new game – a game featuring zombies. According to a post on the PlayStation.Blog, the PS3 developer is looking for twenty San Francisco participants to appear in the game trailer as zombies on May 15 and 16.

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SixTwoTwo2904d ago

Maybe its just for Dead Nation?

sinncross2904d ago

Would be disappointing if it is. I'd like SCEA to flex the PS3's muscles for a Zombie game.

That said, Dead Nation is developed by Housemarque who are from Europe, and SCEA are from America (lol obviously). Maybe its a new title...

but then on the other hand: why let slip of another PS3 exclusive so early?

boysenberry2904d ago

Awesome find! I hope it has online co-op/multiplayer :)

Meryl2904d ago

where did you find that?? it looks awesome it will top alan wake if it uses the move, it will be very scary in first person mode:):)

mrv3212904d ago

I believe that's a game called redwood falls

jalen2472903d ago

Redwood Falls looks amazing. Someone should resurrect it. It should have never been cancelled to begin with.

mrv3212903d ago

I don't think it was cancelled, I've been seeing at E3 montages for a while, I believe those GIF's are a version of redwood falls.


Finally, that is the game I'm waiting for PS Move.

But is not about Zombies.

Chubear2902d ago

E3 is going to be HAWT for PS3 fans

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- Ghost of Sparta -2904d ago

Nice find, whateva. What's with the stupid dancing though?


It's from an Advertisement video showing different games for Move.

DeforMAKulizer2904d ago

SCEA registered a trademark for the phrase "Until Dawn" for a game like an MMO recently...
Maybe this is it?!?!?!

BattleAxe2904d ago

There was a story about a year ago about Insomniac making a Zombie game for PS3(think L4D style). Maybe this is a colaberation between SCEA and Insomniac.

Sigh2904d ago

yeah, probably handled by Insomniac's new studio in North Carolina. While the main studio works on Resistance 3. Good guess there, BattleAxe.

ThanatosDMC2904d ago

As long as the zombies dont have guns or something then im good. Ridiculous when i see a game with zombies holding gun.

Barbapapa2904d ago

i know what you mean. this ruined the scare factor in RE 5 there no zombies anymore just infected people.

Mo0eY2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

It's Dead Nation which, by the way, has an amazing song on the teaser trailer the developers Housemarque released. I cannot wait to play this exclusive PSN title.

Edit: I should've read the article. Like many pointed out, Dead Nation is published by SCEE and not SCEA. Oh man, another exclusive game to look out for! *excited*

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SixTwoTwo2904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

Your right Dead Nation is SCEE. Well I hope this is a new game. We need more horror games.

unrealgamer582904d ago

this would be a megaton if this game fully utilized the ps3s power

Crusade2904d ago

I absolutely love Zombie games and I'm most likely the biggest survival horror fan of all time, hopefully sony does this right.

Bathyj2904d ago

Where the hells Dead Nation already?

That game looks awesome, I never get sick of the Smash TV type set up, and zombies with dismembered limbs? How can that be bad?

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