Sonic 4 - Is It Really Needed?

An interesting article regarding the upcoming Sonic 4 and if whether or not it's time to let sleeping dogs lie, so to speak.

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RedPawn2845d ago

I would rather have this than, Shadow the Hedgehog, Black Knight, and Secret Rings.

unrealgamer582845d ago

I would bet money that this is some kid who was born after the golden age of gaming...............noob

Eamon2845d ago

lol i was thinking that too.

"Is it really needed?" <-- With the last two gens of sh1tty Sonic games, of course it is needed. Now stfu!

ff7highwind2845d ago

If you had actually read what the article said you would plainly see that he says it's a beloved franchise and his profile says hes 18 and I agree with him. If Sonic was suddenly cancelled after Sonic 4 then the only people who would miss him are nostalgic gamers. Or would you rather they just keep making crappy games in the franchise? You think just because Sonic 4 is coming out doesn't mean Sega doesn't plan to bring another fully 3D game to the consoles again? Get real.

unrealgamer582845d ago

lol do I know you?

Better question did you think I would care If you acknowledged me?

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