Valkyrie Profile 3 exclusive for PS3 [RUMOR]

Early this past April, gaming blog GoFanboy reported that Square Enix was set to announce Valkyrie Profile 3 for Xbox 360 at this year’s E3 Expo. Just recently, however, with the new PSM3 teaser resembling the Square Enix RPG series, the site has revised their rumor saying that their ‘wires got crossed‘ and that ‘in the rush’, they’ve made an error. Now, according to them, the game is a PlayStation 3 exclusive set to be revealed in PSM3 as little as two weeks before the big show.

Take this as a rumor for now, and trust it no more than you would any other rumor….. athough, the thought of a Valkyrie Profile 3 does make us drool in excitement. If this is true, Sony’s already showing off a bad-ass line-up for the show, with today’s LittleBigPlanet 2 announcement, the upcoming PS3 zombie game, and the rumored inFAMOUS 2.

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RedPawn2962d ago

Look at all these Rumors, Crowdin me everyday
I just need some time, some time to getaway
Look at all these Rumors, I can't take it no more

SixTwoTwo2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

then what the hell you postin here for

jk lol i just wanted to finish your rhyme =)

RedPawn2962d ago

Did you hear the one about Michael, Ok I got nothin.

Shang-Long2962d ago

This is very possible. if anything it Could be timed

iamtehpwn2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

*looks at FFXIII Sales*

*scraps 360 version*

- What REALLY happened.

Noctis Aftermath2962d ago

The magazine says "A top secret world exclusive PS3 reveal"

Notice how they didn't say "A top secret world exclusive PS3 exclusive reveal"

To me it seems like it hasn't been confirmed to be PS3 only so my bet is on it being multiplat.

blizzard_cool2962d ago

I thought that that announcement was about Little Big Planet 2?

flanker222962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

yup that's exactly what they thought... if only we could share your sense of delusion
out of the 3 million sales total in USA/Europe over 1/3 of the sales were from the 360 version.

considering how quick of a port job this was it only makes a stronger case for more multiplatform releases...

miyakoS2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Sorry, something exclusive to the world makes no sense in this context lol. What, would Square be trying to publish games in Venus? The article's intent is to say the game is exclusive to the PS3, though the article's veracity is obviously in question.

Silver3602962d ago

at $60 a copy is something square enix should just ignore and say we don't want an extra $30 million

flanker222962d ago

congratulations sony fanboys I drop facts and what do I get? you hammer the disagree button.

N4G never change....

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whateva2962d ago

I still remember that song from when I was a kid.

RedPawn2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Thanx for noticing that, I'm just trying to spread some joy to the new N4G.


Thank you very much for posting that, that made my morning, and it makes me miss the 80's throught early 90's.

- Ghost of Sparta -2962d ago

In regards to the PSM3 teaser, this may actually be the first theory that isn't ridiculously flawed.

SaiyanFury2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

The previous two games were PS platform exclusives. Also the original VP was remade on the PSP exclusively. I wouldn't be completely surprised if VP3 was PS3 only. That said, S-E has a history of denial of the PS3 this generation. It most likely would also see a 360 version seeing as how they're bending their collective knees to Microsoft this time around. Of course, most of the JRPGaming public typically grew up on PS/Japanese platforms, but that doesn't stop MS from courting developers in Japan. And S-E has a tendency to cater to the average non-RPGamer these days; just look at Final Fantasy XIII. Just a few personal thoughts there.

I also misread the title here; I first thought it was Valkryia Chronicles 3. Just my own shortsightedness. :)

El Botto2962d ago

Ha ha ha
Awesome start to whats undoubtedly going to be one heck of an E3.

Sony dominates yet again.

Redempteur2962d ago

that didn't prevent a VP on Ds even if it was a spin off of sorts

SaiyanFury2962d ago

Thank you, Redempteur, I am aware of the spinoff game that appears on the DS. As I am well aware, S-E has a love of denying the PS platform of just about everything this gen it seems. :)

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RememberThe3572962d ago

Square Enix 360 exclusives haven't been the best. Who's to say a PS3 exclusive would be any better. As long as they give me FFv13 soon I'll be fine.

sinncross2962d ago

Could be PS3 exclusive.

The first 2 main entries for VP were for the PS1 and PS2 respectively.

But we'll see.

Obama2962d ago

Damn I misread Valkyria Chronicles for the ps3. :(

RememberThe3572962d ago

I did the same thing when I first read it.

phalanges2962d ago

Same here. I really hope Sega does release VC3 on the PS3, though.

Mo0eY2962d ago

Ohhhh, me likey the slidey bar thing for rumors. Nice job, N4G.

ClownBelt2962d ago

Man this would be so sweet. This is my most anticipated game right now.

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