Alan Wake Is On The Wrong System This PS Move Footage Is Proof

Alan Wake will be the next big hit for Xbox360 guaranteed. This game has the graphics, gameplay, story line all of thee above making this title a must have. Remedy made a decision to put this title on Xbox360 exclusively which is great, but Sony presents a opportunity that's even greater and that is the Playstation Move.

The Video Article Below Will Show And Explain In Deep Detail Why Playstation 3 Is The Preferred System For This Type Of Title

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sinncross2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

I'd like to point out that there is a PS Move title which is a FPS, and while only a few seconds of footage has been shown: it is all in the dark with the character holding a flashlight.

GDC 2010: (2:01)

That is not to say that Alan Wake is on the wrong system, just pointing out that there is something similar for the Move coming.

zanzibarlegend2942d ago

that song in the video is pretty awesome, i just figured out its jamiroquai.

4Sh0w2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

So basicly here are his 3 reasons, for the headline
#1 being ps move can be utilized as if you're holding a flashlight
#2 because ps3 is more powerful.
#3 Heavy Rains sales being higher than expected.

By his logic every game should be on exclusive to ps3, which makes no sense. By that same logic everygame should have been exclusive to xbox vs the ps2. #1 Natal has not been fully revealed, plain household objects like a marker or perhaps a actual flashlight to similate in game items/gameplay, also why single out AW for use with ps move, when for the same reasons it should be just as good for any game on both plaforms, like UC, LittleBigPlanet, Heavy Rain etc, but of course just like with AW its impossible since the game were finished waaay before the ps move or natal will be= both are still in early development.

#2 Were all xbox games better than ps2 game simply because the original xbox was more powerful. No more powerful hardware is only the begining, and I disagree that there's a leap in performance between ps3 and 360 so theres really no way to say one would of been better than the other, mostly its in the hands of the devs, thats like saying every title on ps3 is better than every title on 360, for all we know Remedy's first work on ps3 could have had unforseen problems just because of familiarity with the ps3 architechture, again its a combination of the hardware, experience and the talent of the devs, sort of how ND nailed UC2 after learning so much from the original UC.

#3 Oh please, good sales for HR but 360 has many titles that have sold quite well. The only games type of games that I can think of which have sold low or average sales on 360 are jrpg's and of course shovelware games that sell would sell low on any console.

-lol, HHG that was the worst logic by a "professional" site I've seen in awhile

Inside_out2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Fanboys are acting like its the first time they've seen this type of game play....I guess they missed the 65+ million units sold by the

M$ is making a killing this gen...Natal is gonna be HUGE....Voice recognizing/activating, wireless/controller less gaming is just getting$ has a entire day put aside for Natal at E3...I wonder what they have up there sleeve...M$ has the Wii community in their sights...Many developers on board already...Milo is gonna be available at launch, Fable 3 is Natal friendly, Capcom ( cough...RE4 ) and many more...Wait and see...E3 is huge this yr...M$ and Sony know it...

As for sales....PLEASE....Gears 2 alone sold more than UC 1 and 2 combined....Halo 3 has sold more than all PS3 exclusives (..ok..almost ) combined...M$ is 6+ million consoles ahead with a big price cut and Natal coming in the fall...they were making $75 profit on every box they sold one yr after launch...yes, they lost money on the RROD but that is a thing of the past and lets not forget XBL and the paying subscriber base...Add to that a line up second to none....ME2, SC C, Alan wake ,Crackdown 2, Fable 3, something called Halo Reach you may have heard of...PLUS...that's right, there's more...Every shooter sells more on 360 by millions and lets add MOH, Crysis, Ghost Recon, Brink, CoD blck ops and I think you get the picture...BIG yr for the boys at M$...

Sony has its work cut out...convincing families who have the Wii to buy a PS3 and Move is gonna be tough and expensive, not impossible but tough...They just started making 12-18 dollars profit with the slim...I hope KZ3 comes out this's the only thing I'm looking forward to for the PS3...ok...well...( holds head down ) and Resistance 3....but that's

In other related news...Gears 3 looks INCREDIBLE...

Mike134nl2942d ago

1 The ps move hasn't even launched yet, though added motion control support could be nice, but it won'thave have the install base to support a game like alan wake any time soon.
2 The games seems too look fine on the xbox 360
3 What if alan wakes manages too sell more than heavy rain, by that logic heavy rain should also make its way to the xbox 360. Also a little but of competition between the exclusive ps3 and xbox 360 games actually is a good thing (for the consumers/gamers that is).

keysy4202942d ago

he makes sense the move which would have only delayed the game by a few months would enhance games play. did you see the early footage how is it that move wouldn't make this title better. you got the ps3 move controller which one can be a flash light in one hand and you hand in the other one. that would be revolutionary and unless and of you haters have seen this being done before then your all idiots for saying that his game wouldnt be better because of better game play mechanics. unless yall dont like good deeper game play in games. plus the console war is over regardless if sony has the lead right now blu-ray won this gen already. have you been to the stores have you been to block buster, half the store is blu-ray and that is the main thing people are buying or renting now . 3 more yrs and everyone will have ablu-ray hell everyone thinks xbox need blu-ray. give it up fanboys xbox is turning into a waste of space( get it blu-ray waste of space,lol)

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InfectedDK2942d ago

Actually I don't understand all the hate everytime, I mean.. It's only his views.. You can watch it or just leave it :) There's nothing more to it.. I think he's cool in his way he is doing it.. Hm, anyway.. Awesome to see how the Move can be used as showed..

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M-Easy2942d ago

Could not have said that better. This title is equal to "Iraq has WMDs" in the gaming world. Here comes the napalm.

EvilBlackCat2942d ago

you all come here complaining about him but you all keep watching his videos

instead of complaining

why not ignore him and keep commenting, viewing and reading other news/articles here?

just every time you see one of his videos just keep walking

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sid4gamerfreak2942d ago

oh no...not hiphopgamer again..cant stand more of his bs

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simplyRealistic182941d ago

you know What, I used to Say The Same Thing, but Then I realize, HHG won't learn anything If you Dont criticize (he's hard-headed anyway), Even wjen i Used To Watch his Show i would tell him stop making These Idiotic Flambait aricles

Now I Dont Even Listen to Tor's Warzone Because Of HHG, I really Cant Stand him anymore, because even tor told him to get some kind of proof when he made that insomniac/bungie articles and he disregard it

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N4PS3G2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

Why does the HHGShow have a 1 star rating when you hit " +" ? :\

RememberThe3572942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

That video that he showed was pretty damn cool. But I think that Alan Wake is fine the way it is. Let Sony show us what can really be done with the Move. Of all the games I've seen I want the see Silent Hill: Shattered Memories on the Move.

Obama2942d ago

From the headline I can already tell it's hhg lol.

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