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Gearslive: When all is said and done, Alan Wake isn’t just a good game with a decent backstory and interesting play mechanics; it’s a great game with one of the most solid stories we’ve seen, with gameplay to match. The way that things are written, you are always wanting to press on, just to find out what happens next—the mark of any good fictional novel. The characters all fit, the world and scenery work perfectly, and the combat is intuitive, fun, and sometimes, straight up intense. We highly recommend the game, and truth be told, we wouldn’t mind a little more. Luckily, Remedy is already hard at work on adding in more episodes through DLC.

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Teehee2850d ago

Never heard of gearslive, are they like Maxim?

El Botto2850d ago ShowReplies(6)
NaiNaiNai2850d ago

yes because every person in the world is paid off by MS.

I guess everyone was paid off when GT5:prelude came out.


lowcarb2850d ago

Elbozo lol...Sounds like a retarded circus clown from Mexico! Dude probably doesn't even own a PS3 which explains the confusion.

ATLGAMER2850d ago

1 disaster or a average game ...

Foxgod2850d ago

according to 90% of the reviews, AW is not average at all, just got some flaws.

Lord_Ranos2850d ago ShowReplies(1)
barinho2850d ago

The gam has an 85% average on metacritic.How is that average?Is Infamous average too then?I my book any game above 80 is must buy and I've enjoyed lots of games below that score.Just play the games and have fun instead of having these ridiculous "wars".

El Botto2850d ago Show
LuHawk272850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

No El Botto you can convince yourself that but your wrong again like always

barinho2850d ago

Then I guess there´s no point in arguing with you,you´re clearly blind.

DelbertGrady2850d ago

Alan Wake is a PS3 fanboys.

LuHawk272850d ago

LOL cause its not on their system

Hallmark Moment2850d ago

Because it's a 360 exclusive and looks good and adds one more exclusive to the bigger 360 list of 2010 games.

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divideby02850d ago

went from must buy to a rental OR I just may wait till a bunch of dlc gets released and buy the entire pac on the cheap.
60 bucks for a game like this is just not enough value for me...especially considering RDR is out on the same day or within a week for some areas.

asdf122850d ago

I'll Rent this at some point, more interested in RDR Atm.


Well, people say don't have a lot of replay value besides no multiplayer, is worth more a rent.

Sinkway2850d ago

I love the look of this game, i see that co-optimus gave AW 5 outta 5, and similar websites are giving it 85% plus, so this is a must buy for me, just the atmosphere of this game looks awesome.

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