Activision Talks Infinity Ward, Bungie

GamePro: "Based on quotes from Activision's Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, Thomas Tippl, Bungie's next game may be Wii-bound -- as well as iPad/iPhone-bound and handheld-bound. For the first time, he said, fans can experience Bungie "on the platform or device of their choice."

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Teehee2995d ago

Bungie are officially a multi-platform developer.


captain-obvious2994d ago

i cant believe you got a disagree
some PPL just cant accept the facts

presto7172994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Some people are just living in denial.


No. Bungie's all grown up now. They've gotta see the world for themselves and tackle what's out there.

FordGTGuy2994d ago

They've seen the world and seeing as they had no success at all with Microsoft they must venture out...........

C'mon Presto grow up a little Bungie wanted to go multi-platform that doesn't mean they hated only making games for Microsoft. Its not like they stepped up in the world they are going from Microsoft to Activision if anything they took a hit walking away from one of the largest companies in existence.

FordGTGuy2994d ago

Wow look at all my disagrees.... all the PS3 fanboys on this website are so insecure.

El Botto2994d ago Show
secksi-killer2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

can you just throw yourself off of a bridge please. ultra-fanboys like you have no place anywhere. every thread i go in i see you writing the same twisted fan-boy nonsense.

on topic. lets hope bungie finally make a new game engine this time also. personally, i think bungie are great (just slightly lazy), and i think its great that everone can enjoy their games. even turds like el botto. and seeing how well they make multiplayer. this can only be good for the gamer

waltercross2993d ago

I Don't think what El Botto said was Fanboy stuff, It's his Opinion and he may actually be right, but Calling him a Fanboy is just your excuse to challenge his Opinion.

Then you'll get people Disagreeing with my comment or calling me a Fanboy because I Stated a fact, yet they wont explain WHY they think someone is a Fanboy they'll only call them a Fanboy because it's simple to do without Debating on a topic Logically.

N4G Don't have many debates, Just a bunch of name calling.

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ShadowRyuX2994d ago

...anyone could possibly have a legitimate excuse to disagree is if they were coming from the side that Activision is the devil. Still I know better so I'm pretty they are just some fanboys phantom disagreeing. However, my feelings on the subject are perfectly portrayed by ign in one of their videos. I'll sum the scene up:

-Master Chief is weeping at one end of the bar and two guys from ign are on the other side-
IGN Guy#1: What is wrong with Master Chief
IGN Guy#2: He just found out his mom is @#$%ing Activision.

Which is kind of how I felt when I found out Activision and Blizzard were merging.

vhero2994d ago

Activision only signed Bungie as a partner to get everybodys minds off the whole IW scandal and it worked. People are now excited again for Activisions next game after saying they would never buy a game from them again. Great business by Activision. They really know how to work the market and take the heat off them when they messed up.

Silver3602994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

@Vhero Bungie signed with Activision because Activision rolled over and gave them everything they wanted. They game they are trying to make is going to cost millions of dollars and needs to be hyped like Halo gets hyped to sell. Only four company's can do that type of investment and marketing EA, Activision, Sony and MS. If you want to go multi-platform you are stuck with choosing between EA and Activision. Activision offered them ten years worth of advertising and financial support. Bungie keeps the rights to a universe that Activision is going to make popular and still get paid from the sales after the upfront money from Activision is repaid. Sweet deal for Bungie. All creativity and little risk.

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RememberThe3572995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Thats unfortunate... But more money for them.

Kingdom Come2995d ago

This news could prove as a disadvantage, Bungie have suggested that this new IP is going to be more Epic than the Halo Series, if the games Wii bound, I cant imagine the game being that breath-taking...No offense meant towards Wii owners, its just if they're making the game for the Wii as well, it means less time polishing the 360 & PS3 Versions.

GiantEnemyCrab2994d ago

They are with Activision on this one.. I thought this would be a given? If you can't exploit it on every platform then I don't think they are interested.. Should be on the iPhone as well..

kaveti66162994d ago

I wanted to see Bungie make a game that takes place in the Halo universe but be completely different in terms of mechanics and style and story, but I think Microsoft holds rights to everything in the Halo universe, so even if Bungie made such a game, they wouldn't be able to officially acknowledge it.

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