7.0 | Modnation Racers Review

Mario Kart is still on its throne. Mod Nation Racer has a great editor, but the driving feel is too simple and a little bit clumsy.

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alphakennybody2994d ago

when going up against with long time beloved franchise like mario, Its hard to differentiate from other imitation. Not bad score but I think I will love this more than MK simply because of track editor :).

blitz06232994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Well the track editor is basically what this game is all about. You enjoy this game the more creative you are. I can honestly think that the bad reviews this game gets are mostly due to its long loading times and because the authors aren't creative enough to enjoy what the game has to offer. You can argue LBP scored better with the same concept, but the thing is, LBP is a simple platformer that everyone can enjoy, and this game is kart racing, and it really takes a while to design a perfect track, unlike LBP, where you can just throw in a bunch of stuff and it will still be fun.

RedPawn2994d ago

I like the Youtube video where the guy made the Ninja's from Mortal Kombat, Sonic & Shadow, Majin Buu, Elmo, and a Gundam Wing Zero.

unrealgamer582994d ago

that sounds so fanboyish, I dont care if I get disagrees

PirateThom2993d ago

I wouldn't disagree.

My biggest complaint with Mario Kart though is something ModNation doesn't have (even though I probably won't pick ModNation up, don't really care for Kart racers - cept Super Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing), rubber banding AI and the advantage it gives people who are behind. There's really no incentive to take 1st place until the end of the last lap.