7.0 | Modnation Racers Review The level creation tools are the greatest ever, but the controls and the driving don't feel quite right. Modnation Racers fails to topple Mario as the king of Kart racing.

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yoghurt2719d ago

I thought the controls in the beta felt really good, easy to pick up and play, but more to learn and skills to learn if you want - unless they have changed for the worse since the beta

BulletToothtony2719d ago

that i know what websites look for hits and lie and nitpick to lower ps3's scores..

before i clicked on this i knew it was gonna be lower than an 8.. not surprised when i see this..

One thing i'm sure of.. my and my gf and friends are gonna play this A LOT.

A Mario Kart Next Gen game? what is not to like?

I'm sure if Mario was driving these carts no site would hesitate to give it 10's, but since is a ps3 game.. let's look dissect the game pixel by pixel and if everything is great let's just say that the controllers feel weird..

A change in the wind2719d ago

Yep, that`s typically how it goes. God of War 3 gets docked down for "not revolutionizing anything." Yet Halo gets praised for having "the same winning formula." Funny how that works.

solideagle12719d ago

i have been on this from 2005 i believe or 2004... y do they hate PS3 is always i ask. i mean perhaps its a right score but heavy rain got 6/10 from 2 websites for no reason :S


rockleex2719d ago


Or something ridiculous like that.

secksi-killer2718d ago

or is it perhaps that gamereactor are just very strict? i see the same old people are still going on about this conspiracy against sony. leave it out.

anyway, i know i will be enjoying this game, i dont need reviews to tel me otherwise....and i certainly dont feel the need to throw myself into sonys defence because of one harsh review

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jjohan352719d ago

I swear to god these European reviewers have such weird tastes and standards. I think the only thing they give high marks for are FPS / Halo-clone games.

sikbeta2719d ago

N4PS3G doing his job as usual, well at least didn't edited an article to make it a Bad PS3 Article...

Anyways, Day One, ModNation Racers FTW!!!

forevercloud30002719d ago

I too thought the controls were perfect. Don't know what all the complaining is about. From my impressions with the beta and reading reviews is that the big gripe with the game is load times. Yet that is still a trivial problem to me. Reviewers just looking to bring another game down is all.

ByMyBullets2719d ago

the beta was was fun, pick up and play, but wont be as epic as the legendary mario kart

SpitFireAce852719d ago

Im sure they can get a patch in to tweak the load
times and the controls a bit.But so far ive seen
the game get quit a few 9s and 8s.
Also if Mario kart got reviewed now im sure it would
not score as high as MNR.Expectations have increased
quit a bit this gen.

blizzard_cool2719d ago

When the demo hits PSN on Tuesday I'll know what to think of this game. I can bear the loading times and you can create so that an already above 8 in my books. Now I only need to find out how it plays...

DlocDaBudSmoka2719d ago

a ps3 demo hits on tues? ive heard about the psp demo, but no word on a ps3 demo. i hope youre right.

redDevil872719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

I liked the controls in the BETA and i've heard they've improved. All the other reviews mentioned it handles really well. Oh well guess you can't please everyone.

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The story is too old to be commented.