New Postal III Screens

Running With Scissors has released ten new images of Postal 3.

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MyNutsYourChin3940d ago

Apart from the assumption that this game will most likely be more vile, grotesque, and morally irresponsible than Manhunt 2, if they seriously plan on putting in "Porn World", I'm guessing this game is going to take it in the AO with an ESRB rated baseball bat.

MK_Red3940d ago

I dont think the game will have porn content and that porn shop may only be a location in the game. The devs have previously stated that they will go for a M not an AO.

MyNutsYourChin3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

True, but even if it is only a location in the game, I think the ESRB will see it as something newly offensive that will be debated. I'm sure they're shooting for an M rating, that's obvious since it's the rating the makes the most cash. However, I think many developers have been confronted with a surprise when the game gets scrutinized under the eyes of a ratings board.

Whoops, I lost a bubble...I must be starting to anger some users with my previous posts.

MK_Red3940d ago

Superb find. Postal is one the bad games that I love (Seriously, I played the Postal 2 for weeks and enjoyed its badness and real badness).
And since the game is coming for PC, the AO rating cant totally kill it. I'm abit worried about the 360 version but hopefully the game stays in the M rating boundries.